Updates given on lawsuits
Holton hires deputy clerk

Beth Rumsey
Staff Writer

“The position of the deputy clerk has been filled,” announced Holton Clerk Treasurer Sarah Hildebrand at the regular town council meeting on Thursday, May 14. Hildebrand’s recommendation to hire Beth Cooper was unanimously approved by the board.

Town attorney John Ertel updated the board on a letter he received from Lynn Fledderman, an attorney representing former town employee Peggy Furst regarding insurance expenses incurred during 2008 not paid for by the town insurance company. According to the letter read by Ertel, $2220 was paid by Furst out of pocket before the insurance began in June of 2008.

Ertel told the board that he would look further into the situation before advising them on what to do. The motion to table the issue for a later meeting was unanimously approved.

An update regarding the small claims case between Scott McNeelan and the town regarding the construction of the new shelter house at the park was given. The court date is scheduled for June 1, according to Ertel.

In the claim, McNeelan is asking for $4479.06 as payment for supplies, not included in the final payment by the town. Because the town board members believe that their payment to McNeelan was “more than fair” Ertel advised to file a counter claim for attorney fees. The motion to file a counter claim was unanimously approved.

In other business:

Council member Angie Farrell announced that the newly purchased picnic tables have been delivered to the town park. President Paul Hughes has contacted an electrician regarding the installation of new breakers at the park shelter houses. The board unanimously approved to spend up to $500 towards the installation.

The motion to have the blueprints for the maintenance shed for the town was unanimously approved.
All board members were in attendance, along with town attorney, John Ertel to advise. The next meeting will be held on Thursday, June 11 beginning at 7 p.m. at the Holton Community Center.