Milan BP sells $3M lotto ticket - where's the winner?

Wanda English Burnett

One Hoosier Lotto ticket sold at the Indian Trail BP in Milan is worth $3 million, but who’s got the ticket? The ticket matched all six numbers in the drawing on Saturday, May 30: 5-12-17-21-23-34.
Roxanna Collins, co-owner with husband, Brian, of the Indian Trail BP, said she hopes it’s someone local, but the lucky winner hasn’t come forward yet. She said the ticket was sold sometime between Thursday, May 28 and Saturday, May 30. Right now they don’t know who the cashier was that actually sold the winning ticket. That will be revealed when the winner comes forward.

It’s the second time a store owned by Brian and Roxanna Collins has had a winner take home millions after playing the lottery. The first was in 1998 when a person from Indianapolis won the Powerball, taking the $21M prize. The Collins owned the Delaware BP station at that time.

“We’re excited!” Roxanna said. Even though this win was substantially smaller than the $21M, she said the store will get one percent of the winnings. Some of that will be shared with the employees in the form of a bonus. “It will be smaller than what we gave the last time, but they will still get something,” she noted.

Roxanna’s advice is for people to check their tickets. “Don’t ever throw them away!” She said one customer came in this week and said he might have lost his ticket. “Hang on to them (tickets) and be sure to check your numbers,” she concluded.

Roxanna Collins, co-owner of the Indian Trail BP, Milan, stands ready to greet the mystery person who won $3M in the Hoosier Lottery last week. The winning ticket was sold at her store, but the winner has yet to come forward.