Local veterinarian celebrates 30 years in business in Ripley Co.

Beth Rumsey
Staff Writer

The desire to help animals started at an early age for Dr. Harley Robinson, veterinarian and owner of the Laughery Valley Veterinary Hospital near Versailles. “I’ve always liked science and animals,” he said. “It was a natural choice.” Robinson decided to continue his studies in veterinarian medicine while in college at Indiana Central, later graduating from Purdue University in 1979.

At the beginning of his practice, Robinson would see an equal amount of pets and farm animals. Now with fewer family farms and dairy farms, Robinson sees 85% pets and 15% horses. But, perhaps the biggest change he has seen over the years is the advancements in pain management. “There are a multitude of products to use for animals in pain,” he noted.

Another advancement is in dentistry for dogs and cats. “Periodontal disease is probably the number one infection in dogs,” said Robinson. His facility offers regular cleaning and other routine dental care for pets.

According to Robinson, the favorite part of his day is interacting with pets and their owners. “I like to help the pet feel better,” he said. He encourages pet owners to provide good nutrition and parasite control. “The healthiest pets are those whose owners feed their pets good quality food and stay up to date on parasite prevention,” he said.

“It’s important to give back to the community,” said Robinson. Currently he serves on the Ripley County Health Board, is a member of the board for the Pregnancy Care Center in Lawrenceburg, and member of Dollars for Scholars for South Dearborn High School. He was also a 4-H leader for 25 years.

Robinson and his associate Kelli Cobler invite the public to attend an open house celebrating his 30 years of service to those in the Ripley County area on Thursday, July 16. The event will be held at the Laughery Valley Veterinary Hospital located at 3908 E US 50 (east of Versailles) and will begin at 5:00 p.m.

There will be food and door prizes as well as demonstrations by some clients, such as service dog demonstrations. “We just want to show our clients our appreciation,” said Robinson.
“It seems like yesterday when I started. I’ve really enjoyed being here for 30 years,” Robinson concluded.

Dr. Harley Robinson examines Ripple, an 11-year-old service dog who had a tumor removed. He's been Ripple's vet for several years. "I have always wanted to help animals like Ripple,"said Robinson.