Investigator arrested on 9 felony counts

Wanda English Burnett, Editor

According to information from Sgt. Noel Houze Jr., public information officer for the Indiana State Police Versailles District, an investigator for the Indiana Gaming Commission has been arrested and is facing several felony counts.

An investigation into suspicious activity by Troy Knorr, 46, of Columbus, began in September of 2008 after Knorr was at the Wolf Theaters in Greensburg and was trying to pass “what appeared to be a 20 dollar bill.”

At that time, employees of the theater contacted Greensburg Police to investigate the suspicious activity. At some point after the local authorities were notified, the Indiana State Police began an investigation in November of 2008 that led to the felony charges now being levied against Knorr. He (Knorr) has been accused of stealing counterfeit 20 dollar bills from evidence storage at the Belterra Casino near Vevay. As the investigation progressed, authorities say it led to other charges.

Knorr now faces six counts of Forgery, a Class C Felony; Corrupt Business Influence, a Class C Felony; Theft, a Class D Felony; and Official Misconduct, a Class D Felony.

The accused was taken into custody last Tuesday, August 11 at his home in Columbus without incident, according to police. He made his initial appearance in Switzerland County Superior Court just after his arrest on Tuesday and is currently out on bond.