Flag flown over United States Capitol in honor of JCD program that connects its students with students from Spain

A representative from Baron Hill's office, Jeanette Mount, presented JCD High School Spanish Teacher William Fogle with a flag that was flown over the nation's capitol in honor of the Spanish exchange student's visit last week to Osgood. Evelyne Hermoso, teacher at IES JP Ferreter in Spain, holds a certificate that was also presented. The 20 students enjoyed their visit at JCD, as they stayed with various families in the community and went to school in America to see how things are done. The exchange program is the brain child of Fogle and Hermoso, who are both progressive teachers, wanting students to learn first hand knowledge. The students enjoyed a variety of activities while visiting at JCD. They enjoyed a private tour of the State House in Indianapolis by Cathy Blizer, director of International Education for the Indiana Department of Education, an impromptu talent show at the Damm Theatre in Osgood, and a farewell party at the home of Spencer Huffmeyer, just to name a few activities outside of school.