Many thanks heard at SR Open House

Wanda English Burnett

At the Open House of South Ripley Jr. Sr. High School, Superintendent Ted Ahaus thanked a host of people for their part in making the renovation/addition project a reality.

Plaques grace the walls of the auditeria where people initially gathered for the event last Thursday, November 5 and the entrance hallway thanking both the Tyson Versailles Fund and the Rising Sun Regional Foundation for their generous donations to the project. The Tyson Fund alone contributed nearly a quarter of a million dollars over a four-year span. “We are also very aware of the many other things these funds do for our community,” Ahaus said. He added, “These generous contributions have made a significant impact and are greatly appreciated.”

A special thanks went out to the community at large, specifically the taxpayers of the corporation who were willing to allow the project by putting their money on the line. “Needless to say, the taxpayers of our community have made the most significant contribution of all,” was the writing on the back of a brochure that was passed out at the event. Ahaus also told those gathered that the support and involvement of the community was crucial to the project.

Senior board member Randy McIntosh addressed the crowd on behalf of the board. He challenged the students to strive for excellence in the new learning environment, saying it was “top of the line.”
Six key components were addressed with the project:

• Full day/all day kindergarten facilities at the elementary school;

• Independent Junior High Wing;

• Auditeria/cafeteria

• New science facilities

• Media Center

• Physical Education/gymnasium

While Ahaus said the gymnasium was definitely “not excessive” it was much needed and will appropriately meet the needs of the school.

He further noted that while the process sometimes seemed, “long and difficult” students didn’t miss a day of school because of the project. He thanked them as well as the staff at both schools for their patience and understanding.

From the original task force, which was comprised of community members, parents, teachers, board members, support staff, administration and students, to the finished project, Ahaus thanked those who have given of their time and talent to meet the immediate and future needs of students at South Ripley.

Those attending the open house could take a tour of the completed project and share some refreshments made by the cafeteria staff in their new facility.

New science lab showcased
High school chemistry teacher Heidi Saunders, left, was giving a demonstration along with sophomore student Alec Gramaglia to showcase the new science lab at the high school following the renovation/addition project. The room is more spacious with updated equipment for the students to carry out their experiments on.