Republican caucus names new auditor

Wanda English Burnett

Republicans named a new auditor Tuesday, November 17 as they gathered to vote on the position that will be vacated in January, 2010.

When there is a hold over office and that person runs for another office that is not, this creates a vacancy, such as the auditor’s position. McCoy ran for clerk successfully and will begin her duties in that office in January. This leaves a year of her term as auditor unfilled.

William Wagner of Osgood, was chosen from four candidates. The others putting their names in the hat included Mark Busching, Elaine Mortara, and Amber May.

Each candidate was given the opportunity to speak before the voting process began. Wagner told those gathered he was very serious about the job and was qualified as a business person. He noted that he is a life-long resident of the county, with only a couple of short stints elsewhere. He said he viewed the people of the county as customers of the auditor’s office and promised efficiency.

Busching noted that he has served as auditor before and brings experience to the table. Mortara, who currently works in the auditor’s office said she has worked in the office for eight years and looks forward to serving the people to the best of her ability. May declined to speak.

Ripley County Republican Chair Ginger Bradford explained the process to those gathered in the circuit court room. She noted that the person with the one over majority vote would be named auditor. There were 25 precinct committee people voting with Wagner claiming the majority vote, securing a win.

“Your job is very important,” Bradford told the precinct contingency. She said she couldn’t stress enough how important it is for them to be involved in the political process. “We need all of you to commit yourselves to give it all you’ve got,” she added.

Bradford noted that the Republican party in Ripley County has a strong women’s group. She encouraged everyone to come the meetings on the fourth Monday of the month at the Osgood Town Hall at 6:30 p.m. She noted they have good food and a lot of fun. Their Christmas dinner is set for December 3 at the Holton Community Building and the Lincoln Day Dinner will be in February.

Donald Dickey, vice-chairman of the party spoke briefly encouraging Republicans to work together and thanking those who have served for several years such as Max and Peggy Dickson from Batesville.
He thanked all the elected officials for the job they do. He thanked former chairman Kenny Copeland saying a “wonderful lady has taken our place,” referring to Bradford.

Wagner briefly spoke at the end of the evening thanking everyone, saying he looks forward to serving as the auditor. He further noted he doesn’t view it as a one year stint, but hopes to be in office for the next nine years.

Pictured abpve, Republican Chairman Ginger Bradford, standing, gets signatures before the voting process began Tuesday night, November 17 to elect a new auditor for the 2010 year. The voting was held in the Ripley County Circuit Court room in the courthouse in Versailles and was a public meeting.
William Wagner