Randy Frye announces candidacy for State Representative

Wanda English Burnett

Randall (Randy) Frye of Decatur County announced his candidacy for the Indiana House of Representatives, District 67, earlier this month.

The announcement was no surprise to some who know Frye, saying he has always had the heart of service.

Frye has dedicated years of service to his career as a fire fighter. He currently is serving his 20th year as a fire Lieutenant with the City of Indianapolis Fire Department. As the executive officer to Battalion 6, his responsibilities include supervising over 40 fire fighters with hundreds of emergencies each year.

“I’m honored and humbled to have you with me today to announce my candidacy,” Frye told those gatherer at his home just outside of Napoleon on US 421. The crowd would learn he was born in Franklin County in 1955, graduated from Batesville High School in 1973 and grew up on his family’s farm near Oldenburg, where his parents, Marjorie and Lucian Frye, still live today.

Frye is a small business man, who along with his wife, Debbie, own Blue River Technology. “We know first hand how difficult it is to make a payroll, pay taxes, and employee benefits,” he noted. He continued by saying the burden on small business is ever growing in the difficult economy. “I’m committed to retaining the current businesses in District 67, attract new business, and work closely with local elected officials to provide shovel ready building sites,” he continued.

Being raised on an 80-acre farm, Frye knows the important of agriculture. “I feel a deep commitment to assist our farmers in protecting, retaining, and growing their farming operations,” he said. He continued by saying he had baled hay, hung a stick of tobacco, pulled a calf, shelled a load of corn, and cleaned a farrowing crate. “I love my land and I think it’s important to have a representative that worked in agriculture,” he noted.

Frye said technology is the “highway business information runs on.” He further noted he knows the importance of high speed modern technology and it’s role in attracting new business. “I’ve worked with local government to improve their technology. I understand both the need for high speed Internet service and the logistics of providing it,” he said.

He addressed issues such as the lack of cellular service in certain areas that District 67 encompasses as well as the importance high speed Internet service has to education.

Frye holds an associates degree in Christian Vocation from the Cincinnati Christian University, and is a member of the New Point Christian Church. He and his wife have been married for 34 years and have two children, and six grandchildren.

The family is rooted in service as his wife retired from the Indiana State Fire Marshall’s Office where she served as Chief Inspector. Their son is a Lieutenant in charge of training at the City of Carmel Fire Department and their daughter is a third grade teacher at Traders Point Christian School.

Frye was awarded the Benjamin Franklin Award for service above and beyond the call of duty in 1996. This was for coordinating a disaster relief effort to assist the victims of the North Ridge earthquake in Southern California.

As his career in the fire fighting area comes to a close, Frye says he wants to channel his public service to the Indiana House of Representatives. Of being a full time professional fire fighter he says, “For all of those years I’ve been honored to put my life on the line for those I’m sworn to serve and protect.” He quoted a scripture, “No greater love has a man than he would lay down his life for a friend.”

Frye pledges that same fervor to the political realm as he casts his bid for the position Cleo Duncan has held for several years. “I would be honored to serve in the Indiana House of Representatives as your representative,” he concluded.
Randy Frye, left, greets Ripley County Republican Chair Ginger Bradford, left, at the official announcement of his candidacy for Indiana House of Representatives, District 67, at his home north of Napoleon.