Bayh says good-bye after serving as Secretary of State, Governor, Senator
Senator Evan Bayh will not run

Wanda English Burnett

With nearly 25 years in the political spotlight, United States Senator Evan Bayh (Democrat) is saying good-bye announcing he will not seek a third senate term.
The announcement came at a news conference at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) where he reflected on his near 25 years of public service as Indiana’s Secretary of State, two-term Governor, and two-term United States Senator.
Senator Bayh saw his career as a privilege to serve the people of Indiana and in every aspect worked toward that goal.

As Secretary of State he worked to reform election laws to make sure that every vote counts. “I cast the deciding vote in the closest congressional race in the nation for a member of the other political party, because I believed he had legitimately won the election,” he noted.

As the Governor of Indiana he said he had an outstanding team to balance the budget, cut taxes, leave the largest surplus in the state’s history, create the most new jobs in any eight-year period, and increased funding for schools every year, to name a few of his accomplishments.

Bayh said in the Senate he will continue to work hard for the people he serves. “I have often been a lonely voice for balancing the budget and restraining spending. I have worked with Democrats, Republicans, and Independents alike to do the nation’s business in a way that is civil and constructive.”

He said after all these years in Washington, his passion to help his fellow citizens has not diminished, however, he states his desire to do so by serving in Congress has waned. “For some time, I have had a growing conviction that Congress is not operating as it should. There is too much partisanship and not enough progress - too much narrow ideology and not enough practical problem-solving. Even at a time of enormous challenge, the peoples' business is not being done.”

Bayh says he loves serving his fellow citizens, state and the nation, but believes he can do so in a better capacity than Congress. “I love working for the people of Indiana, I love helping our citizens make the most of their lives, but I do not love Congress. I will not, therefore, be a candidate for election to the Senate this November.”

Saying he particularly valued his relationship with Senator Dick Lugar, a Republican, he said he often felt that if all Senators could have the cooperative relationship he and Lugar do, the institution would be a better place.

Senator Lugar commented on Bayh’s decision, “It has been a personal privilege to serve Indiana with a distinguished father and son, Birch and Evan Bayh. The last 33 years of political life in our country have often been times of excessive partisanship. I am grateful that Birch and Evan Bayh were always ready to work with me in making certain that Hoosier wisdom and common sense had strong united voices in every debate.”

“At this time, I simply believe I can best contribute to society in another way; creating jobs by helping grow a business, helping guide an institution of higher learning, or helping run a worthy charitable endeavor,” Bayh stated.

“I have always tried to remember that my job is to work for Hoosiers, not the other way around,” Bayh said. “I am constantly reminded that if Washington, D.C. could be more like Indiana, Washington would be a better place.”

Governor Mitch Daniels made this statement about Bayh’s announcement. “Evan Bayh has served Indiana faithfully and with great integrity in three decades and three important capacities. At a time when people of moderation with minds open to the views of others are increasingly rare in Washington, the nation will miss him as much as our state does.”