Ripley County residents have many choices
Over 100 candidates sign for primary

Wanda English Burnett

The primary election for 2010 is shaping up with several Democrat (D) and Republican (R) choices for voters to choose from.

At the state level several have signed on the ticket for United States Representative for the Ninth District. Those include:

John R. Bottorff (D), Travis J. Hankins (R), Baron Hill (D), Carol A. Johnson-Smith (D), Mike Sodrel (R), Lendall B. Terry (D), Ricky M. Warren (R), and Todd C. Young (R).

For United States Senator there are seven candidates:

Donald E. Bates Jr. (R), Richard J. Behney (R), Dan Coats (R), Tamyra D’ippolito (D), Paul Thomas Haney (R), John N. Hostettler (R), and Marlin A. Stutzman (R).

Locally, those vying for township trustee positions include:

Larry J. Abplanalp (R), Jackson Township; Amy R. Copeland (R), Brown Township; Ronald E. Denton (R), Washington Township; Edward F. Gindling (D), Adams Township; Toni L. Gray (R), Johnson Township; Paul A. Hardy (R), Delaware Township; William M. “Mike” Kissell (R), Franklin Township; Kerry Samples McConnell (D), Delaware Township; Cynthia A. Melton (D), Otter Creek Township; Joan M. Menchhofer (D), Jackson Township; Saundra L. Nobbe (R), Laughery Township; Joyce A. Samples (D), Johnson Township; Garry W. Sapp (D), Franklin Township; Stacey Schmaltz (D), Shelby Township; Brenda Warren (R), Center Township; and Janice M. Wittich (D), Brown Township.

Those running for township board member positions include:

Janice Linkmeyer (D) Brown Township; Donna J. Linville (R) Center Township; Mary E. Mays (R) Laughery Township; Matthew L. McNew (R) Otter Creek; John R. Meisberger (D) Shelby Township; Norma J. Newton (D) Franklin Township; Mark J. Riehle (D) Franklin Township; Bert Samples (D) Shelby Township; Raymond Sanders Jr. (R), Johnson Township; Thelma Schmaltz (D) Washington Township; Jack W. Schuerman (D) Jackson Township; Michael Schuler (D) Jackson Township; Douglas H. Smith (R) Adams Township; Janine Stratton (R) Otter Creek; Scott D. Stutler (R) Brown Township; Ray E. Tucker (R) Otter Creek; Emily M. Voss (D) Washington Township; W. Paul Voss (D) Adams Township; Robert E. Workman (R) Delaware Township.

Also vying for township board member positions are:

Michael Alloway (R) Washington Township; Douglas C. Amberger (D) Laughery Township; E. George Ammerman Jr. (D) Adams Township; Elizabeth Baumgartner (R) Johnson Township; Carolyn “Lorri” Carpenter (R) Center Township; David L. Chandler (D) Brown Township; Harland E. Delap (D) Washington Township; Kenneth L. Demaree (R) Brown Township; Floyd N. Doll (D) Adams Township; Marie A. Eisert (D) Franklin Township; Helen Ellinghausen (R) Laughery Township; James M. Grigsby (D) Delaware Township; Carol Holzer (R) Johnson Township; and Marilyn R. Hunt (R) Johnson Township.

Johnny Nugent is running on the Republican ticket for State Senator for District 43.

Candidates for the Osgood Town Council include: Norman P. Kappes (D); Linda Krinop (R); Jeffrey J. Volz (R); and Larry R. Winters (R).

Those signing up for school board for Milan and Jac-Cen-Del non-partisan positions include:

Stephanie C. Baker, Milan (at-large); John E. Billman, JCD (District 2); Charles Bryant, Milan (at-large); Kathleen F. Dickman, JCD (District 4); Randy Kirk, Milan (Washington Township); Gregory D. Lewis, Milan (Franklin Township); Timothy “Tim” Tuttle, Milan (at-large); David W. Voss, Milan (Washington Township); Kevin J. Walter, Milan (Franklin Township); Deanna F. Young JCD (District 1).

State Representative choices include:

Robert J. Bischoff (D) (District 68); David G. Cheatham (D) (District 69); Randy Frye (R) (District 67); Dale Jones “2 Tall” (R) (District 67); Jud McMillan (R) (District 68); Martin W. (Marty) Voegele (R) (District 67); Tami D. Wenning (R)(District 67); and Cindy Meyer Ziemke (R) (District 67).

Those signing for county council seats include: Edward L. Armbrecht (D) (District 4); Juanita “Dee Dee” Kaiser (R) (District 1); William J. “Bill” McDonald (R) District 3; Dave Simon (R) District 3; and Patricia “Dephane” Smith (R) District 2.
The sheriff’s race has four candidates: Gandy Browning (R); William “Bill” Dramann (D); Donald M. Edwards (R); and Thomas J. “Tom” Grills (R).
Jeffrey P. French is unopposed in the primary on the Republican ticket for county surveyor.
Alberta Doll (D) is running for Adams 1 (Democratic Precinct Committeeman) and Ray L. Raney (D) is running for Johnson 1 (Democratic Precinct Committeeman.)

Richard J “Ric” Hertel is the only candidate in the primary for Prosecuting Attorney on the Republican ticket.

Putting their names in the hat for convention delegate are: Elizabeth Baumgartner (R); Ginger J. Bradford (R); Daniel Fleming (R); Marilyn R. Hunt (R); Diane Macek (R), Mary Ann McCoy (R); and Cynthia A. Melton (D).

Shawna F. Bushhorn is running unopposed on the Republican ticket for assessor.
Mary Edward Bushing and William “Bill” Wagner are on the Republican ballot for county auditor.

Robert “Rob” Reiners is the Republican candidate for County Commissioner in District 1.

Diane Macek, county election deputy, noted that voters can get registered from now until April 5 for the primary election. The fifth of April is also the first day those wanting to vote absentee can do so.