March 9, 2010


South Ripley Raiders march northward
Pictured above the celebratory 2010 South Ripley Raiders gather to jointly raise the championship trophy, following their victory of the IHSAA Class 2A Boys Basketball Sectional #44 trophy on Saturday night, March 6, at South Ripley High School. The team, behind the leadership of second year head coach Travis Wrightsman, claimed victories over the North Decatur Chargers at 47-46, an overtime win over the Hauser Jets at 62-57 and bested the Lawrenceburg Tigers 66-53 in the championship game. The Raiders are now slated for first game action beginning with the 10 a.m. opener at the Connersville High School hosted regional, against the 12&10 Park Tudor Panthers.

2010 South Ripley Raiders capture the IHSAA Class 2A Boys Basketball Sectional #44 Championship Title

Gary Franklin, Sports Writer

The South Ripley High School hosted boys sectional #44 opened with an exciting and explosive game between the Switzerland County Pacers and the Southwestern Hanover Rebels on Tuesday night, March 2.
Game One
Those in attendance found a hard fought battle between the two teams, with the Pacers hanging on to secure a mere two point victory of 53-51 at the game's final horn sounding.
Leading by as many as 18 points during the game, quarter scores held little relevance to the game's action, as the SwH Rebels pushed to a 25-13 run over the Pacers in the final period.
Quarter Scores
SC 14-10 SwH
SC 22-17 SwH
SC 40-26 SwH
SC 53-51 SwH
Individual Scoring
Switzerland Co. Pacers 53
Tray Meyer 17
Brennan Bragg 10
Travis Tackett 9
Josh Hon 8
Keegan Kincaid 7
Noah Hughes 2
Danny Schira 0
Alec McAlpine 0
S'western Han. Rebels 51
Hunter Means 16
Tanner Mahoney 13
Caleb Jones 10
Austin Ames 6
LeMarkus Jenkins 4
Adam Mabry 2
Overall for the game, SC connected on 17 FG's, made four 3-pointers, and shot 7 of 11 FT's at the charity stripe. SwH made 14 FG's, scored seven 3-pointers and connected on 2 of their 7 FT attempts.
Game Two
Those who enjoyed opening night competition in the South Ripley HS hosted Sectional #44 enjoyed the same dor the second nights opener. In night two as well as the hosting South Ripley Raiders faced the North Decatur Chargers in the first game of the night.
Second night's opening action on Wednesday, March 3, resulted in a narrow one point edge for the hosting Raiders, victorious by the final score of 47-46 over the Chargers.
After falling to a 0-4 deficit, "the one man wrecking machine", Raider senior Chase Grider created the early spark for SR with an old fashioned three point combination of a FG and FT. Grider then added another FG and another FG/FT combo to give the Raiders an 8-4 lead.
The Raiders played to an 18-6 lead by the end of the first period with the addition of two FG's by senior Brian Thomas, another FT by Grider and a pair of FG's plus a FT by junior sub Jonathan Grossman, while only allowing one additional ND FG.
Opportunities availed themselves for SR to bury the Chargers, but turnovers and really poor selection of passing routes nearly cost SR the win.
Add to that the hot hand of Charger senior Isaac Loechle's 11 point fourth quarter production.
Quarter Scores
SR 16-8 ND
SR 26-18 ND
SR 37-29 ND
SR 47-46 ND
Individual Scoring
South Ripley Raiders 47
Chase Grider 15
Jerad Walters 8
Brian Thomas 7
Denny Mayes 6
Jonathan Grossman 5
Thad Fleming 4
Jimmy Hartman 2
Kile Huss 0
Ace Steuver 0
Tanner Tucker 0
Sam Stratton DNP
Brandon Sizemore DNP
No. Dectaur Chargers 46
Isaac Loechle 25
Alex Pulskamp 8
Tyler Brown 6
Derek Moore 3
Thomas Speer 2
Quentin Dieckmann 2
Eric Lusk 0
Justin Huber 0
Aaron Land 0
John Hammersmith DNP
Paul Badgley DNP
Andrew Means DNP

Overall for the game, SR connected for 14 FG's, two 3-pointers and shot 13 of 24 at the charity stripe, while ND scored 10 FG's, four 3-pointers and connected on 14 of 17 FT attempts.
Game Three
The second game of Wednesday, March 3, action at SRHS found the Milan Indians battling the Hauser Jets.
At the game's onset, Milan Indian senior Zach Elza delivered a FG off the tribe's control of the opening tipoff. Teammates, senior Alex Walter, sophomore Kurtis Kimla, senior Michael Brandes, senior Grayson Miller and senior Elza each added FG's, to take a 12-10 lead with just under two minutes remaining in the first period of play.
Following the tribes substitutions for Herzog and Kimla, the Jets responded with two 3-pointers and a FG, later adding another FG to capture a nine point edge at 21-12.
Unfortunately, that pretty much put the tribe on the defensive for the remainder of the game. However, unwilling to throw in the towel, Milan persisted in attacking, drawing to within five points late in the fourth quarter.
Quarter Scores
Hauser 21-12 Milan
Hauser 35-22 Milan
Hauser 52-37 Milan
Hauser 66-58 Milan
Individual Scoring
Hauser Jets 66
Silas Sims 17
Adam Miller 17
Cody Thayer 12
Anthony McDaniel 6
Reid Thayer 6
Jarod Gearhart 5
Travis Pittman 3
Josh Hewitt 0
Zach Johnson 0
Mac Trotter 0
Justin Wallace 0
Nick Johnson 0
Milan Indians 58
Kurtis Kimla 13
Zach Elza 11
John Herzog 9
Grayson Miller 8
Alex Walter 6
Zach Lewis 6
Ethan Voss 3
Michael Brandes 2
Sean Laub 0
Alex Layden 0
Jacob White DNP
Braden Voss DNP
Overall for the game, the Jets made 24 FG's, two 3-pointers and were 12 for 21 at the FT line, while the Indians also scored 24 FG's, hit two 3-pointers but were only 4 for 11 at the charity stripe.
Far too many trips to the FT line for the Jets for the tribe to overcome, even though they fought right to the final horn in spite of it.
Game Four
The opening action got underway at 6 p.m. on Friday night, March 5, with the Lawrenceburg Tigers in a battle against the Switzerland County Pacers.
The Tigers won the game 59-46, to advance from their bye position, to the championship game on Saturday night.
Quarter Scores
SC 9-8 L'burg
L'burg 23-21 SC
L'burg 42-32 SC
L'burg 59-46 SC
Individual Scoring
Lawrenceburg Tigers 59
Justin Ricketts 22
Jake Rennekamp 12
Matt Davis 10
Evan Schoeff 5
Aaron Frizzell 4
Travis Conover 4
Evan Vanstrien 2
Myles Hinds 0
Matt Buddenberg 0
Kyle Craven 0
Ryan Rupel 0
Chad Banschbach 0

Switzerland Co. Pacers 46
Brennan Bragg 20
Tray Meyer 9
Travis Tackett 6
Josh Hon 5
Noah Hughes 5
Keegan Kincaid 1
Danny Schira 0
Tannr Ross 0
Alec McAlpine 0
Blake Whitham 0
Zach O'Neal 0
Adam Clark 0
Overall for the game, the Tiger's netted 18 FG's plus a pair of 3-pointers while hitting 17 of 25 FT shots. The Pacers made 15 FG's, adding a pair of 3-pointers, while making only 10 of the 21 FT opportunities awarded them.

Game Five
The final opportunity for a spot in the Sectional #44 championship game was battled out between the hosting South Ripley Raiders as the visitors on the scoreboard and the Hauser Jets.
The Raiders finally captured the victory and a spot in the Saturday night championship game,winning after an overtime period, 62-57.
Quarter Scores
Hauser 14-10 SR
SR 24-23 Hauser
SR 38-36 Hauser
Hauser 52-52 SR
OT SR 62-57 Hauser
Individual Scoring
South Ripley Raiders 62
Thad Fleming 15
Chase Grider 12
Brian Thomas 11
Denny Mayes 6
Jimmy Hartman 6
Jerad Walters 6
Kile Huss 4
Tanner Tucker 2
Jonathan Grossman 0
Sam Stratton 0
Ace Steuver 0
Brandon Sizemore 0
Hauser Jets 57
Silas Sims 18
Cody Thayer 12
Adam Miller 11
Nick Johnson 4
Reid Thayer 4
Jarod Gearhart 4
Josh Hewitt 2
Anthony McDaniel 2
Travis Pittman 0
Zach Johnson 0
Mac Trotter 0
Justin Wallace 0
Overall for the game, the Raiders made 22 FG's, a 3-pointer and were 15 for 23 at the charity stripe.
The Hauser Jets connected for 17 FG's, added five 3-pointers, but fell short with 8 for 19 FT shooting during the game.
Game Six
The Championship

The championship game played on Saturday night, March 6, at SRHS, featured the hosting South Ripley Raiders against the visiting Lawrenceburg Tigers. The Raiders captured the sectional championship title, 66-53.
Quarter Scores
SR 19-11 L'burg
SR 30-26 L'burg
SR 45-36 L'burg
SR 66-53 L'burg
Individual Scoring
South Ripley Raiders 66
Thad Fleming 16
Chase Grider 13
Brian Thomas 12
Jerad Walters 12
Denny Mayes 6
Jimmy Hartman 2
Kile Huss 2
Tanner Tucker 2
Jonathan Grossman 1
Ace Steuver 0
Sam Stratton 0
Brandon Sizemore 0

South Ripley
Raiders are
Regional Bound!!
Lawrenceburg Tigers 53
Justin Ricketts 25
Aaron Frizzell 8
Jake Rennekamp 7
Matt Davis 6
Evan Schoeff 6
Travis Conover 1
Kyle Craven 0
Evan Vanstrien 0
Myles Hinds 0
Matt Buddenberg 0
Chad Banschbach 0
Evan Pollaard 0

Overall for the game, the South Ripley Raiders scored 18 FG's, three 3-pointers and shot 21 for 29 from the charity stripe.
The Lawrenceburg Tigers scored 13 FG's, six 3-pointers and netted 9 for 19 FT attempts during the game.