Mehrle named superintendent for SR

Wanda English Burnett

Dr. John Mehrle was selected to serve as Superintendent for the South Ripley Community School Corporation, which will be effective July 1.

The unanimous vote was given by the school board of trustees at their regular meeting Monday, March 15.

Dr. Mehrle told The Versailles Republican, “I am honored to accept this position.” He further noted he feels a great responsibility to serve the taxpayers and knows the importance of the school and its functions.

The newly named superintendent will succeed Ted Ahaus, who has served the South Ripley School Corporation for the past 36 years.

“Mr. Ahaus left a solid foundation,” Dr. Mehrle noted. He said he is grateful for the financial accountability in place and plans to carry on with the responsibility to taxpayer dollars. He said financial stewardship is of utmost importance in light of the economy.

The new superintendent said his goal is to take the wonderful new facilities to the next level, which is to stress academic excellence and expand educational programs. He praised the former administration for the building project that will now allow him to build on that foundation in a different direction.

Dr. Mehrle has an impressive resume having served with the South Ripley schools for the past three years as assistant superintendent, as well as junior high administrator.

He originally held a business career in the book-publishing field, and lived and worked in New York City for several years. He completed his Master of Arts in International Business/Latin American Studies from Indiana University.

Making a career change to teaching, he took his first teaching position at South Dearborn High School where he taught Social Studies and Spanish for seven years. He then obtained his administrator’s license and served as building principal at Eastern Greene High School in Bloomfield for four years. He later returned to South Dearborn for an associate principal’s position for four years before coming to South Ripley in 2007.

Besides his Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts, and Master of Science in Education degrees, Dr. Mehrle has earned the Specialist in Education degree (Ed.S.) and obtained his superintendent’s license in May of 2005. He completed his Doctorate in Education (Ed.D.) in December of 2008 at Indiana University.
Superintendent Ahaus said of Dr. Mehrle, “he has shown much dedication to the students, faculty and staff during his tenure with South Ripley.” He is comfortable with leaving the position in his hands. Ahaus gave his resignation early so the process could begin to find a replacement. Having his last goal met of getting the building project completed, he said he now feels good about leaving. He’s not sure what direction he will go in the future, but knows he won’t be idle.

Ahaus has served in a variety of positions during his career at South Ripley that include being a teacher, coach, athletic director, assistant principal, principal, assistant superintendent and finally, superintendent. “I’ve even swept floors,” he laughed. Ahaus is grateful to staff, students and a community that has allowed him to serve in many ways over the years.

Both men are dedicated to education and feel they have been fortunate to have been chosen to fulfill their desires to further education at South Ripley.