Holton may not have a Jamboree

Karen Reynolds

Contributing Writer

The Holton Town Board held their March meeting with members Paul Hughes, Ryan Lauber, Angie Farrell and Beth Cooper attending. Topics of discussion included the possibility that this year, for the first time in many years, there may not be a Jamboree, according to town resident, Wilma Myers. She cited her reason as being “due to a lack of help.”

The Holton Town Park was scheduled to open March 22. However, according to longtime town resident, Wilbur Myers, there is a lot of work to do before opening day. He reported the pop machine is in need of maintenance, the water fountain needs repair, sandboxes need repaired and filled with sand, and the restrooms are in need of maintenance.

Holton currently has $10,000 in outstanding bills with only about $17,000 in its account. The reason funds are so low right now is due to putting in new pumps. Beth Cooper suggested the board cash in a portion of one of its certificates of deposits. The board unanimously agreed to cash in half of a CD to cover the added expenses.

The information needed to procure a grant for replacing sewer pumps is almost complete, with information needed from the clerk/treasurer by March 31. The town is hoping to get a grant that will also help pay for repairs at the lagoon. There is still stimulus money available for loans and grants until September 2010. To qualify for such a grant, the town would need an engineer to do a study. Ryan Lauber was asked to look into this further.

The State Board of Accounts is currently auditing the financial books. They requested that the board list the actual hourly wage for all employees, full time or part time.

No lien money was received this past month. There is a need to put a $1000 lien against an outstanding account, because the house in question is scheduled for sheriff’s sale April 7, 2010.

In answer to the insurance dilemma of town worker, Jimmy Adkins, Sara Hildebrand, clerk/treasurer has been making some phone calls about the situation but does not yet have an answer. In the meantime, Adkins still has insurance, paying about $17.00 weekly for premiums. He had not checked on other insurance options. This issue was tabled until the board hears back from the State Board of Accounts on this situation.

The new maintenance building is close to completion. The walls have been painted recently. The board agreed unanimously to seal the floor with cement paint/sealer because it would help preserve the floor longer. Adkins will take care of it right away. The water meter will have to be moved, which will cost Holton $1,085.00 with a $200 hook-up fee being waived. This must be done before they can finish the parking lot.

Town residents questioned the issue of railroad signs at the three crossings in town. Beth Cooper reported that the railroad signs have been ordered but she wasn’t sure how soon they would be in. Bob Curl, town marshal, reported that all three crossings have been repaired but the railroad is scheduled to make some more repairs to them.

Steve Faulkner, town resident, was concerned about some drain lines and a culvert that are needed at his house. Paul Hughes agreed that they “need to get it done.” Faulkner was also concerned about why the American flag at the Holton Post Office is left up all night, without being properly lit. Angie Farrell assured him that the flagpole belongs to the post office, not the town.

Paul Hughes let it be known that the town board will support getting “music in the park” back again. The board would support getting its own sound system. Wilbur Myers was of the opinion that it is hard to get groups to come and play for free.

The next regularly scheduled town board meeting is Thursday, April 8 at the community building.