Commissioners continue to probe into health insurance costs for employees

Beth Rumsey

Staff Writer

The Ripley County Commissioners continued to consider county employee health insurance options at the regular meeting on Monday, April 5. The commissioners’ goal is to continue with the same benefits currently provided without a large increase in premiums.

One option presented by Maverick Insurance is a partially self-funded plan which would provide the same benefits of the current county health insurance plan. This plan will require the implementation of a non-reverting fund that would be used to pay for those claims that exceed the prearranged dollar amount.

MainSource Insurance presented information on a fully funded plan from Humana. In this proposal, those employees who only visit a doctor a few times a year could have the option to choose a policy with a higher deductible. As with the proposal from Maverick Insurance, the Humana proposal will be similar to the current employee health plan.

Apex Insurance, the current health insurance provider for the county, returned to Anthem to request a new quote due to changes in the number of employees covered. One recommendation included a Health Reimbursement Arrangement fund which would keep deductibles the same as well as including wellness programs.

The commissioners will take each proposal under consideration. More information regarding self-funded programs through Humana was requested. Each plans’ networks are similar and includes doctors and hospitals from surrounding areas.

In other business, Dave Kinney and Terry Tibble TNT Paving presented information on micro surfacing for minor repairs to the county roads. According to Kinney, the process is similar to a chip and seal currently used by the county, with the ability to drive on the surface within an hour and lasts about seven years.

This is a new process in this area, according to Kinney. He invited the commissioners to visit a work site in Scott County to see the process first hand.

The motion to accept the quote of $2376 from Kramer Roofing for repairs to the courthouse roof was unanimously approved. Also approved, two tables for the recorders’ office at a cost of $803 and polling places for the 2010 election.

All commissioners were in attendance. The next meeting will be held on Monday, April 19 beginning at 7 a.m. at the Ripley County Highway Garage in Osgood and reconvening at 8 a.m. at the courthouse annex in Versailles.