Election offers many choices

Wanda English Burnett

Voters will have several choices in the primary election on May 4.

In Ripley County voters will see several names on the ballot for State Representative, the seat Cleo Duncan now holds. Duncan made the announcement earlier in the year that she would not be seeking re-election.

Republicans will be able to vote for Martin “Marty” Brunner and Jud McMillin, both in District 68; Shawn B. Fields, Randy Frye, Tony Goodrich, Dale “2 Tall” Jones, Martin W. “Marty” Voegele, Tami D. Wenning and Cindy Meyer Ziemke, all in District 67.

Democrats will have these choices: Robert J. Bischoff in District 68 and David Cheatham in District 69.
For State Senator District 43, incumbent Johnny Nugent is being challenged by Lindsay Patterson.
Republican candidates vying for the US Representative District 9 seat include: Travis Hankins, Mike Sodrel, Rick Warren, and Todd Young. On the Democrat ticket, incumbent Baron Hill is challenged by John R. Bottorff, Carol Johnson-Smith, James R. McClure, Jr. and Lendall B. Terry.

Those on the Republican ballot for Indiana United States Senator include: Don Bates Jr., Richard Behney, Dan Coats, John N. Hostettler, and Marlin A. Stutzman.

Local offices that are challenged include that of auditor with Mark Edward Busching and William “Bill” Wagner being on the Republican ballot.

Choices on the Republican ticket for county council include: Juanita “Dee Dee” Kaiser, William J. “Bill” McDonald, David Simon, and Patricia “Dephane” Smith. Edward Armbrecht is uncontested on the Democrat ticket.

The sheriff’s race has three choices on the Republican ticket: Gandy Browning, Donald M. Edwards and Thomas J. “Tom” Grills. William “Bill” Dramann is uncontested on the Democrat ballot for sheriff.
Candidates for Jac-Cen-Del School Board include: Deanna F. Young, John E. Billman, and Kathleen Dickman.

Milan School Board candidates are: Stephanie C. Baker, Charles Bryant, Timothy “Tim” Tuttle, Kevin J. Walter, Gregory D. Lewis, Randy Kirk, and David W. Voss.

Osgood Town Council has three names on the Republican ballot: Linda Krinop, Jeffrey J. Volz and Larry R. Winters. Norman P. Kappes is on the Democrat ticket for town council.

Those placing their names on the ballot for township trustee positions on the Republican ticket include: Amy R. Copeland (Brown), Ronald Denton (Washington), Toni L. Gray (Johnson), Paul A. Hardy (Delaware), William M. “Mike” Kissell (Franklin), Saundra Nobbe (Laughery), and Brenda Warren (Center).

On the Democrat ticket those running for township trustee include: Edward F. Gindling (Adams), Kerry Samples McConnell (Delaware), Cynthia A. Melton (Otter Creek), Joan M. Menchhofer (Jackson), Joyce A. Samples (Johnson), Garry W. Sapp (Franklin), Stacey Schmaltz (Shelby), and Janice M. Wittich (Brown).

There are several names to choose from for township board member positions.

Some uncontested races in the primary election include that of assessor, commissioner, surveyor and prosecutor.

There’s just a few days to make up your mind and to make sure you have the proper identification to vote. Polling places will be open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. on May 4. Voters need to bring a State of Indiana or U.S. government-issued photo ID to the polls.

Diane Macek, Ripley County Election Deputy, noted some examples of photo ID could be a driver’s license, college or military ID, or passport. She said those needing to get a proper ID may do so even on election day at area license branches. However, they will need some identification such as a birth certificate, bank statement, valid gun permit, insurance card, medicaid or medicare card to obtain a proper photo ID, which will be issued free of charge.

Absentee voting is higher than in the past primary election, according to Macek. She noted the last date to vote absentee is May 3 at noon.

Macek encouraged using the touch screen computers for voting, saying, “It’s really easy to do.” She said the touch screens are easier than using your computer at home. You can double check your answers before casting the final vote.

Chairpersons for the Republican and Democrat parties - Ginger Bradford, Republican and Michael Baker, Democrat - encourage Ripley County residents to get out and vote.

(Editor’s note: For a complete listing of all candidates and polling places see the legal notice inside today’s paper.)