Teenager left with serious injuries
Osgood man arrested in connection with beating

Wanda English Burnett


Shawn Clift, 19, of Osgood, was arrested following a beating incident, which occurred May 1 involving another Osgood teenager. Clift pled not guilty to Battery Resulting in Serious Bodily Injury, Class C Felony, Monday morning, May 10 in Ripley County Circuit Court.

According to information from court records, Clift is charged with the felony following an investigation by Osgood Town Marshal John Hegge.

Thomas Walston, 18, suffered serious wounds including a broken jaw and crushed eye socket, after Clift allegedly beat him. Photos of Walston immediately after the battery showed his face severely swollen and beaten so badly his own mother barely recognized him. “I don’t know why anyone would do this,” the victim’s mother told the Osgood Journal as she held a photo of her son that was taken shortly after his arrival at University Hospital in Cincinnati.

According to the affidavit, Walston received a call from Bobby Roberts asking him if he wanted to hang out with him and his girlfriend. About 9:45 p.m. May 1 Roberts and the girl picked up Walston, who said Roberts asked him if he wanted to look at some speakers in the vehicle.

The driver stopped the vehicle on 650 West and Walston and Roberts got out. At this time, Walston was ambushed by Clift, who had been hiding in some bushes. Clift is alleged to have beaten Walston and even after the victim had tried to run away, he was caught by Clift and hit again until he was unconscious.
Information from court records indicate that Roberts called Walston to get him to the designated place because Clift wanted to fight him.

There were several involved in the incident. Jimmy Maloney is also mentioned in the affidavit for saying he knew there was going to be a fight and stated he was there, but was “highly intoxicated.” He said he saw Clift hit Walston in the head and also chase him down when he tried to flee.

The female driver told police she dropped off Jimmy Maloney, Shawn Clift and another person at the 650 West location, before she and Roberts went to pick up Walston.

Clift admitted to police that it was his intention to fight Walston and that he did indeed punch him. He said Walston fell and struck his face on the pavement and he was the only person who punched him that night.

Walston was left after the beating with the rest going back to Maloney’s house according to one witness. Walston eventually walked to his home on Fairgrounds Road, which is approximately two miles, according to his mother.

Rescue personnel were called, but due to weather conditions that night were not able to transport Walston by helicopter. He was transported by ground to Margaret Mary Community Hospital and then on to University Hospital in Cincinnati. He faces extensive plastic surgery from the battery.

A trial by jury has been set for Clift for October 26. Bail was set at $25,000 with Mark Jones appointed his attorney. If convicted, Clift could face up to eight years in prison and a $10,000 fine.
Prosecutor Ric Hertel noted that the investigation is ongoing in the case.