Milan woman charged with battery following wheelchair incident

Wanda English Burnett

Police responded to a domestic disturbance at 777 Golfview Drive in Milan last Monday just after midnight.

According to a probable cause affidavit filed June 8 in Ripley County Superior Court, Sherry Baston was charged with Battery Resulting in Bodily Injury as a result of an incident at the above mentioned Milan residence.

The affidavit notes that Baston was arguing with her mother-in-law, Sondra Strezeski (who owns the house). The affidavit reads in part: “Sherry stated that they were arguing because she had taken her daughter to meet her father who she had not seen in five years. Sherry stated that Strezeski was upset because Sherry did not go over to the Ripley County Jail to visit with Rob Baston, which is Sherry’s husband." Rob Baston is also Strezeski's son.

Rob Baston was convicted by a jury of child molesting on June 4 after a four-day trial in Ripley County Circuit Court. He is incarcerated in the Ripley County Jail awaiting sentencing on July 1.

While the two women were arguing, Strezeski said that Baston shoved her wheelchair into her leg. Strezeski told police she has COPD and already has medical problems with her leg. She already has one leg amputated above the knee.

One of Strezeski’s sons witnessed the incident and called police.

Another family member told police Baston had left Strezeski alone since Friday. Baston had served as Strezeski’s caregiver.

Baston told police she had her hands on the wheelchair and during the argument it did roll forward. She said it only bumped her mother-in-law's leg and she didn’t do it on purpose.

Milan Police Officer Phillip T. Wilson Jr. took the report and felt there was probable cause to believe that Baston had committed battery. He also observed her speech was loud, her balance unsteady and that she appeared to be under the influence of a drug, which she denied.