Milan timber buyer arrested

Wanda English Burnett

Scott Powers, 37 of Milan, was arrested on a warrant on Tuesday, July 27 and charged with Corrupt Business Influence by Ripley County Prosecutor Ric Hertel.

According to information from ICO Public Information Officer Gary Catron, an investigation ensued after several complaints were made about Powers and his business practices. Indiana Conservation Officer Steve Miller began the investigation.

Powers, who was operating as Powers Logging, is alleged to have committed multiple thefts while he was buying timber.

Officers say that some of the victims lost timber valued in the thousands of dollars as the result of Powers’ illegal business practices. Powers is alleged to have removed and sold timber from landowners and then kept the proceeds.

Prosecutor Ric Hertel has worked closely with conservation officers in the case and says anyone with information or questions about Powers or his company should contact the prosecutor’s office at 689-6331.

The charges of Corrupt Business Influence is a Class C Felony. Powers was incarcerated at the Ripley County Jail as of press time awaiting his initial hearing.

Conservation officers give the following tips for people considering selling their standing timber:

• Landowners are encouraged to utilize a consultant forester to aid in proper selection and marketing of their timber.

• Once timber volume is properly estimated, interested licensed timber buyers should be contacted. This can be done by advertising the sale through the media or making direct contact.

• A sealed bid sale is the preferred method for a landowner to use in selling timber. Owners should specify that they maintain the right to accept or deny the bids they receive.

• A contract is a must once a bid is accepted. In addition all the basics of the contract should include any special clauses to address landowners concerns.

• It is standard procedure for the landowner to be paid in full at the time the contract is signed when timber is marketed in this manner.

For information about selling timber and licensed timber buyers you can visit: