Soil testing results heard at commissioners mtg.

Beth Rumsey
Staff Writer

Rob Walker of ATC Associates was on hand to answer questions regarding recent testing of soil on property owned by the county at the regular commissioner meeting on Monday, August 23. The property is where the county hopes to build an annex in the future.

According to Walker, a degreasing solvent used in the former dry cleaning business was found in the soil eight feet below the proposed annex property. The chemical prevents any basement in the proposed annex to prevent any health issues in the new building.

Walker explained that by keeping the foundation above eight feet and installing a ground filtration system, this will help to keep vapors from entering the building. He suggested that the soil be tested for the chemical before hauling it away. The commissioners requested that Walker obtain a site status letter from IDEM which states that the county can build on the property.

Midwestern Engineering presented a very preliminary layout of the proposed annex. The commissioners agreed to form a committee to help with the finalization of the layout.

In other business, the commissioners accepted the quote from Brian Ellison for the replacement of the courthouse doors and hardware at a cost of $17,500. The application to apply for reimbursement from the state for voting machines was unanimously approved.

Versailles Town Council President John Holzer discussed the courthouse clock. He explained that the town does not have the funds to make the repairs to the clock as presented in a quote from JJ Smith. According to Holzer, the suggested repairs would include the chimes as well as the caulking of the face where it is leaking when there is a storm.

The commissioners explained that the county has already incurred about $4,000 in costs to replace equipment and carpet on the third floor of the courthouse due to the leaks. It was also suggested that the town consider requesting donations from local organizations for the repairs.

All commissioners were in attendance along with county auditor Bill Wagner and county attorney Neil Comer to advise. The next meeting will be on Friday, September 3 due to the Labor Day holiday. The commissioners will meet at the Ripley County Highway Garage in Osgood at 7 a.m. and reconvene at 8 a.m. at the courthouse annex on the square in Versailles.