Tax abatement for Gold Star Chili approved at Versailles meeting

Beth Rumsey
Staff Writer

The Versailles Town Council considered a request for a tax abatement from Scott Neal, owner of the building where a Gold Star Chili restaurant will be located, at the regular meeting on Thursday, September 2. According to town attorney Larry Eaton, the abatement is for 10 years on a graduated schedule. The restaurant will employ approximately five full-time and 25 part-time employees at its location just behind the Shell Station in Versailles.

The motion to approve the requested abatement was approved with a vote of 2-0-1, with John Holzer abstaining.

Neal also requested a waiver of the sewer tap fee and the water tap fee. The building will need three of each, according to Neal.

According to water and sewer superintendent Kevin Hensley, the tap fees are used to recover the cost of treatment. Council President John Holzer noted that the town has set the precedent not to waive the fees for other new businesses in the past.

Holzer made a motion to not waive the fees, which died for a lack of a second. The motion to waive two water tap fees, but no sewer tap fees, was unanimously approved.

The issue of access to an alley by a neighboring property owner was discussed. According to Neal, changes have been made to the site plan in order to allow the property owner use of the alley to access the drive.

Neal requested the town vacate the alley. The motion to vacate the alley subject to attorney approval was approved with a vote of 2-0-1, Holzer abstaining.

Nancy Curry spoke to the council regarding an agreement to waive sewer tap fees on her property. The Currys (Larry and Nancy) sold property at a discounted price for the second industrial park for Versailles. According to the agreement, the purchaser, Ripley County Redevelopment Commission (RCRC), agreed to waive the sewer tap fee for the Currys at the time the sewer is brought to the industrial park.

Holzer explained that after review of the contract, it is his belief that the Ripley County Redevelopment Commission (RCRC) is responsible for the cost of the fee and not the town. Town attorney Larry Eaton will review the contract and speak to the attorney for the RCRC regarding the matter.

All board members were in attendance. The next meeting will be held on Thursday, October 7 beginning at 7 p.m. at the Versailles Town Hall.