Call 689-5555, 689-5558 or 689-5000 or
934-3131 to report suspicious activity
Several daytime burglaries reported in the area

Wanda English Burnett

The Ripley County Sheriff’s Office released information last Thursday concerning several daytime burglaries they are investigating in the county that have occurred over the past several months.

One family that has fallen victim to the burglaries told the Osgood Journal several of their neighbors have also experienced being burglarized in the daytime hours. They live just outside of Versailles and would like people to be aware and if they see anything suspicious to call police.

There have been several items taken including big-screen televisions, home entertainment electronics, cash and more. Police say they believe all the burglaries to be related.

A victim, who will not be named due to the sensitive nature of the situation, told the Osgood Journal they were robbed on September 9 in the middle of the day. Two of their immediate neighbors have also been robbed in the last four to six weeks. Police told them they believe the items are being sold for drugs in the Cincinnati area.

“These robbers are very bold. The door they broke into my house is very visible from two county roads and is only about 50 feet from the county road we live on,” one victim reported.

Batesville Police Chief Stan Holt reported they are investigating a burglary that occurred September 14 at Ault Chiropractic on Tekulve Avenue in Batesville. The call came in about 8:15 a.m. Wednesday morning, when the chiropractic staff noticed several computers had been stolen.

Lieutenant Gandy Browning and Crime Scene Investigator Jerry Taul responded to investigate. They found the suspects had gained entry into the business by prying open a back door. Investigators believe the burglary may be connected to recent residential burglaries in the county.

The Batesville police are working with the Indiana State Police and the Ripley County Sheriff’s Office on these investigations, according to Chief Holt.

Residents are urged to call the sheriff’s office at 689-5555 or 689-5558; the Indiana State Police at 689-5000; or the Batesville Police Department at 934-3131 with any suspicious activity or information regarding these burglaries.