Republicans rally at Friendship

Beth Rumsey
Staff Writer

Members of the Ripley County Republican party gathered on Saturday, October 16 just 17 days before the November election for a final rally for support of the local candidates.

County Chairperson Ginger Bradford introduced past chair Kenny Copeland who reminded everyone to vote. “Our vote counts,” he told the crowd.

The overall theme of the evening was to “do not give up the fight.”

Randy Frye, State Representative District 67, said, “Don’t give up, keep fighting.” He encouraged those attending to talk to their neighbors and make phone calls in support of local Republican candidates.

“We’re going to do what’s right; we’re going to do what’s good,” Frye continued. “I want to represent the district in a way that you know that a man in Indianapolis has got your back.”

Current State Treasurer Richard Mourdock was the keynote speaker, who questioned, “What is at stake on November 2? He answered, “The future direction of our country and thereby the world.” “I fear this country won’t be recognizable if we don’t do all that’s possible, he continued.

Mourdock told of his fight for the state pensions of retired teachers and state police officers when Chrysler Corporation was sold to Fiat. According to Mourdock, Indiana was the only state left that fought for the money that would fund those accounts.
“You learn a lot about yourself when you’re tested,” he said.

It was also a personal fight for Mourdock as his parents were directly affected. His father was a retired state police officer and his mother a retired secretary from a public school.

“Is this the most important election in history? He questioned, answering, “Absolutely!”

“It’s time to save this nation,” Mourdock concluded, adding, “Tough duty, but we can do it my friends.”

The rally was held in the new reception hall in Friendship.

Republican candidates encouraged everyone to vote on November 2 at the Republican rally held on Saturday, October 16. Republican candidates pictured are: back row: Randy Frye; for State Representative District 67; Jeff French, county surveyor; Brenda Warren, Center Township Trustee; Mike Kissel, Franklin Township Trustee; Amy Copeland, Brown Township Trustee; Rob Reiners, county commissioner; Todd Young, US Congressman; and State Treasurer Richard Mourdock. Front row: Toni Gray, Johnson Township Trustee; Marilyn Hunt, Johnson Township Trustee board member; Ric Hertel, county prosecutor; and Bill Wagner, Auditor.