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October 28, 2010

2010 Milan Indian football sectional first round victory earns 100th career win for Defensive Coordinator,
Coach Randy Combs

Gary Franklin, Sports Writer

The Milan Indian varsity football team punched their ticket to round two sectional action with a 39-21 home hosted first round victory over the visiting North Decatur Chargers on Friday, October 22.
Quarter One
The tribe opened the scoring at the 8:51 mark of the first period off a Cory Jewett (#45) 5 yard touchdown run, followed by a Scott Pennington (10) PAT for a 7-0 lead.
At the 4:42 mark, the Chargers earned their first points on the scoreboard with a quarterback Justin Huber (#9) 69 yard pass to Jason Kirschoff (#22). However, unable to capitalize on the PAT attempt following the TD, the score let Milan a one point leader at 7-6.
The Chargers captured their first lead of the game at the 1:31 mark with a quarterback Huber (9) 62 yard completed pass to John Hammersmith (#81) for a touchdown. Leading the tribe at 12-7, North Decatur chose to attempt the two-point conversion.
Quarterback Huber (9) carried the ball into the end zone, advancing the Charger lead to seven at 14-7, where the score remained through period one.
Quarter Two
The Indians immediately knotted the score at 14 after opening the second period action with a Cory Strunk (#23) touchdown, followed by a Scott Pennington PAT.
At the 4:15 mark, the Chargers regained a seven point lead with quarterback Huber's (#9) six yard TD run and the PAT addition by Jacob Mays (#6).
Shortly thereafter, at the 3:03 mark, the tribe leveled the playing field once again with a touchdown scored off a 42 yard Cory Strunk (23) run and a PAT off the foot of Scott Pennington (10), knotting the game at 21.
Quarter Three
At the 8:13 mark of the third period, Cory Jewett (45) added his second TD of the game to put the tribe back in the lead, setting the score at Milan 27-21 over North Decatur.
Quarter Four
The tribe managed to hold the Chargers scoreless in the final period of play, while adding a pair of TD's to their total to earn a first round sectional battle win by a final score of 39-21.
Setting the night on fire was tribesman Cory Strunk, who ended his nights work after adding two more TD's for a total of 24 points for the night.
Strunk (23) scored his third TD off an 86 yard touchdown run at the 11:27 mark and added his fourth with just :49 seconds remaining in the contest off a 6 yard run into the end zone.
Rushing yards by tribesmen
Cory Strunk (23) -
281 yds., 4 TD's on 22 Att.
Zeth O'Neal (22) -
14 yds, 4 TD's on 1 Att.
Cory Jewett (45) -
13 yds, 2 TD's on 4 Att.
Scott Pennington (10) -
9 yds. on 2 Att.
Zach Lewis (12) -
-3 yds. on 4 Atts.
Passing yards by tribesmen
Zach Lewis (12) -
10 Cmp/16 Atts. for 143 yds.
Receiving yds. by tribesmen
Adam Ison (86) -
5 Rcpt. for 81 yds.
Kurtis Kimla (25) -
2 Rcpt. for 32 yds.
Alex Layden (18) -
1 Rcpt. for 15 yds.
DJ Rogers (87) -
1 Rcpt. for 8 yds.
Cory Jewett (45) -
1 Rcpt. for 7 yds.
Indian kicking / punting, etc.
Scott Pennington (10) -
3 PAT's, 7 kickoffs for 249 yds. & punting 3 for 123 yds.
Interceptions by tribesmen
Alex Layden (18) - 2 Int.
Cory Jewett (45) - 1 Int.

Coach Combs observes his team as they warm up.