The Versailles Republican Sports

September 30, 2010

Lighting failed as did Milan Lady Indian hopes

Gary Franklin, Sports Writer

What opened to be a Milan Lady Indian hay-day, turned rather quickly into something more closely resembling fodder and chaff.
The Lady Indians played host to the visiting South Ripley Lady Raiders for high school volleyball action on Monday, September 27. Initially the gym was evacuated due to a fire alarm sounding prior to the JV game.
Once found to be a false alarm, players, coaches and fans reentered the gym for the onset of the game.
JV action goes as desired
JV game one action found the two teams playing to ties at 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 before the Lady Indians gained control of the game, winning it 25-15.
A second consecutive game win by the score of 25-19 by the Lady Indians over the Lady Raiders in the best of three venue gained Milan the match victory, although game two found ties at 1, 2, 8, 9 and 19 before momentum shifted back to the tribe.
Varsity match is hindered by blackout in gym
With anticipation of a rival victory high on both ends of the gym, game one of the varsity match got underway after the usual pregame warm ups, meeting of the captains with the officials, singing of the National Anthem by MHS senior Stephanie Kirk and the introduction of both teams' players.
Varsity action
Varsity game one appeared to be right back on track even with the fire alarm issue of earlier. However that would soon prove not be the case, as shortly into the game, the main lighting went out at MHS with only auxiliary emergency lighting lit, stopping the game cold turkey.
A brief time passed before lighting began to grow from dim to a level play could resume. However, the game would now be played without the benefit of the scoreboard or the speaker system.
Reverting to a chalk board, the game proceeded until the speaker system power was restored and eventually the use of the scoreboards as well.
The initial equipment failure of the evening's competition plans would prove not to be the real hang up for the Lady Indians, as time would prove.
Varsity Game One
Varsity game one included a tie at 1-1 before the Lady Indians swiftly ran to a lead of 17-3. A South Ripley called timeout stalled the Indian pace but found the end result a Milan victory at 25-16 over the Lady Raiders.
Game Two
Game two sparked a more closely contested game, resulting in ties at 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 12, 13, 16, 19, 20 and 21, before the Lady Raiders closed the door on game two at 25-22 over the Lady Indians.
Game Three
With the match tied at a game apiece, excitement for Lady Raider fans escalated while the tribe's losing of the closely contested second game of the match left the tribe and their followers' somewhat deflated.
The Lady Indians opened game three with a 7-0 run on the Lady Raiders, from which they never looked back, winning 25-11 over SR.
The solid win relit tribe team members and followers hopes, but that would prove to be a false sense of security as their lights were soon dimmed.
Not by the lack of gym lighting, but the light that represented a match victory in the making. Nevertheless, the Lady Indians held a 2 game to one edge in the best of five format.
In the all important game four, South Ripley would have to pull off a win to stay alive and force the rubber game five for the match to 15. Large task, but that they did. The Lady Raiders scored first but found the game tied at one. The Lady Indians sprang to a 7-1 lead before relenting. South Ripley played to point deficit at 7-8 before Milan moved ahead at 15-7. A Lady Raider called timeout broke the Lady Indian momentum, allowing the Lady Raiders to regain ground. The tribe moved on to an 18-11 edge before the Lady Raiders regained a serving opportunity. At 19-14, SR busted loose to pull within two at 17-19. At 21-18, SR called a timeout following which they moved to a one point deficit at 20-21 where Milan called for the timeout.
Continuing from the timeout, SR knotted the game at 21, representing the only tie since opening points of the game at 1-1. The Lady Raiders gained their first lead of the game and advanced to a 23-21 edge before Milan called for another timeout. Returning from the timeout, SR closed the game for a 25-21 victory to tie the match at 2 games each, forcing the game to 15 to determine a match winner.
Game Five
The all important rubber game opened for a Lady Raider 2-0 lead, allowing the Lady Indians but one point before moving ahead at 5-1. A second point scored by Milan led to a Lady Raider run to 8-2, where Milan called for a timeout. A pair of Milan points led to SR’s adding on for 10-4. The tribe added a pair for 10-6 before the Lady Raiders edged to a 12-6 lead. Milan added a pair for 12-8 with SR adding one for 13-9 when the Lady Raiders called for a timeout. Following the timeout, the Lady Raiders scored the needed pair of points to win the game 15-9 and capture the match three games to two.

SR Lady Raider senior Meredith Knollman delivers a serve during the 2010 LHS Volleyball Invitational.