Commissioners consider defibs

Beth Rumsey
Staff Writer

The Ripley County Commissioners considered information regarding the purchase of defibrillators at the regular meeting held on Monday, November 1. Micah Mullins of Cintas demonstrated the unit’s ease of use and other features.

According to Mullins, the unit is lightweight and can withstand being dropped. Although training courses are available, the unit has the ability to walk a first time user through the procedure of placing the pads on the patient to performing CPR if needed.

The unit can also record diagnostic information about the patient that can be used by emergency personnel and doctors. According to Mullins, the unit can assess a patient’s heart condition within 13 seconds and then advise the user if and when to shock.

The cost will be about $99 per month per unit and includes a monthly maintenance package. After three years, the county has the option to continue the program at a reduced rate of $59 per month per unit. The commissioners will take the matter under advisement for a decision at a later meeting.

A petition to vacate a portion of Base Road was received by the commissioners. According to county attorney Neil Comer, minutes from the October 2003 commissioner meeting showed that the commissioners agreed to vacate that portion.

Comer noted that proper procedure was not followed and that he advised the petitioners to approach the commissioners again and to follow proper procedure. A hearing will be scheduled at a future meeting to complete the process.

All commissioners were in attendance. The next meeting will be held on Monday, November 15 beginning at 7 a.m. at the Ripley County Garage in Osgood and reconvening at 8 a.m. at the courthouse annex in Versailles.