Emergency ordinance passed by Versailles Town Council

Beth Rumsey

Staff Writer

The Versailles Town Council unanimously approved an emergency ordinance regarding the sale of products that when smoked can mimic the effects of marijuana at the regular meeting on Thursday, November 4.

According to Marshal Joe Mann, the product known as K2, Spice, Thunder as well as other names it being sold locally at gas stations. According to Reserve Officer John Hegge, one local station sold about $20,000 of the product in the past month.

Hegge explained that the product has been banned in 15 states and several surrounding counties. He also noted that there have been three deaths in Indiana attributed to these products. Details of this product were reported in the November 4 edition of The Versailles Republican.

Ordinance #2010-06 prohibits a business or individual to use, possess, purchase or attempt to purchase, sell, give or barter any product containing synthetic cannabinoids or methadone within the boundaries of Versailles. The ordinance allows for the confiscation of the product by law enforcement officials. Those attempting to sell the product will be fined $2,500 and those attempting to purchase the product will be fined $1,000. Those interested in reading the complete ordinance can find it posted at the Versailles Town Hall.

Property owners Scott Neal and Becky Ostholhoff have come to an agreement regarding the trees that border the properties. Neal determined that the trees would incur damage from the vehicles entering and exiting from the businesses and proposed that he would relinquish his portion of the driveway to Ostholhoff. The current trees will be moved with additional trees planted. As the property owners came to a satisfactory agreement, the board approved the adoption of the ordinance to vacate the alley, currently used as the driveway.

According to Marshal Mann, in October the Versailles Police Department investigated three accidents; issued nine citations and 23 warnings; and assisted 21 citizens. The department investigated seven thefts; responded to eight fight and battery calls and served six warrants.

In other business:

• Resident and business owner Danny Jackson requested the board consider other water sources. He provided information about the Madison water company. Board President John Holzer explained that the Madison water company was not explored because it was not a viable option. He thanked Jackson for his input saying that he would like more input regarding the water issue from the residents and businesses of Versailles.

• The board unanimously approved to adopt the adjustment of water rates until the town gets a new source. According to Holzer, the current rates do not provide enough income to pay for the treatment of the water. The increase will be the minimum to “break even.”

• Jeff Cumberworth is resigning from the sports complex board after six years of service.
All board members were in attendance. The next meeting will be on Thursday, December 2 beginning at 7 p.m. at the Versailles Town Hall.