SR honors DAR student; teacher

Karen Reynolds

Contributing Writer

The South Ripley Community School board met November 15 at 6:30 p.m. Senior student Sam Stratton, son of Janine and Mike Stratton of Holton, was honored for being named DAR Good Citizen. Superintendent John Mehrle congratulated Stratton and presented him a certificate of excellence, a pin and a Raider sticker.

Mehrle also took this time to recognize elementary teacher, Phyllis Hull, a veteran teacher of 28 years, for being named Ripley County Chamber Educator of the Year. She received a certificate of recognition and a pin. Plans are underway to have her recognized at the annual Chamber of Commerce dinner on November 18.

Under personnel the following unanimous approvals were given:

• Lindsey Seabolt for the positions of Government/Economics/Geography and Psychology teacher at the high school, effective November 16. Seabolt will be filling the vacancy left by Ed Newman’s resignation.

• Andrew Bayne to serve as a long-term substitute, effective November 16. He will serve in this capacity until the pending addition of “middle school” is included in his Indiana license. Upon receipt of his license showing this addition, he will go on contract and be eligible for benefits.

• Lindsey Seabolt, senior co-sponsor for the remainder of the 2010-2011 school year, effective November 16

• Mary Scherzinger, academic team advisor for the rest of the 2010-2011 school year, effective November 16

• Melanie Evans, junior high team leader for the rest of the 2010-2011 school year, effective November 16

• Annette Rohaly, a new ROD aide effective November 16. This position is a student-specific position and if the student moves from the district, the position will end.

• Sue Reuter, corporation bus driver, filling the vacated position of Barb Shadday’s retirement. She will be hired retroactive to November 1.

• Jim Conley, corporation bus driver for the duration of the FMLA leave of Pauline Doan, December 17 through January 31, 2011.

Under financial news, the following items met with unanimous approval.:

• Federal grants have all been changed to a reimbursement method of payment, per the state’s mandate. This means, according to business manager, Lana Miller, that the school will spend funds and then request reimbursement. Miller is concerned about this arrangement because the State Board of Accounts advises that funds should not ever be in the red.

• Approval of a resolution to transfer $122,500.00 to the Rainy Day Fund. This fund is used for severance and retirement obligations for all staff.

• Approval for a change order in the amount of $375 from Sedam Contracting for tees at the baseball field for under drains.

• A final 2007 Impact Aide payment was received in the amount for $20,660.00 on November 2.
A recommendation by Superintendent John Mehrle to approve a change order from Dave O’Mara in the amount of $15,404.00 for Area 1, Area 2, and the French drainage system, subject to cost modifications was approved. The recommendation to approve a change order for Area 3 was taken under advisement but was not approved by the school board. Mehrle shared that the monthly building project bills totaled $8,704.60.

In other news, the following was approved unanimously:

• Bus contracts for 2011-2015 will be as follows: Route 5 and 6 goes to Duke Elliott, Route 11 goes to Ron Ebinger, Route 15 goes to Owen Heaton, Jr., Route 17 and 19 goes to Roger Christman.

• 7th grade field trip to Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra on November 30.

• Property, liability, vehicle, and workers compensation insurance package as presented. The most competitive bid package totaled $78,717.00 with Indiana Insurance as the carrier.

• The South Ripley teachers that are presently insured with United Health Care Insurance will join the Southeastern Indiana School Insurance Consortium. The current carrier of that consortium is Anthem. Renewal for the 2011 health insurance participants within the Southeastern Indiana School Insurance Consortium will include a 3% increase. A five-year plan was developed to bring common rates within the entire consortium.

Business manager, Lana Miller, provided information to the school board detailing the fact that the electric usage at the high school since the building project has been complete has been much less than anticipated.

Those in attendance at this meeting were Robert Garcia, Gil Landwehr, Keith Mathews, Randy McIntosh, Jim Miller, Ralph Miller, and Tim Taylor. Also in attendance were Superintendent John Mehrle and business manager Lana Miller.
The next regularly scheduled school board meeting will be December 20 at 6:30 p.m.

Sam Stratton, right, receives recognition from Superintendent John Mehrle for being named DAR Good Citizen at the November meeting of the South Ripley School Board of Trustees. Also pictured is Ralph Miller, left, school board member.