Baker begins prison sentence for drug lab charge

Wanda English Burnett


William W. “Woody” Baker, 34, of Holton, was sentenced last month to six years in prison for Illegal Drug Labs, a Class C Felony.

On a warrant for stolen firearms and high performance auto parts from Jennings County, police raided the home where Baker was living at Holton on December 30, 2009. Deputies from both the Jennings and Ripley county sheriff’s offices participated in the seizure of numerous firearms from the home they alleged were stolen from Jennings County.

Baker was not at home at the time of the police raid, where they also found a methamphetamine lab. Officers from Jennings County alleged that Baker was a major supplier of meth to their area. An arrest warrant was issued from Ripley County on January 11, 2010, for Baker for Manufacturing Methamphetamine.

While Baker eluded police for a few months, he was eventually caught coming out of a home in Butlerville (Jennings County) and arrested on April 5, according to Ripley Publishing Co. files.
The defendant was charged with four felony counts in Ripley County Circuit Court on April 7. They were: Manufacturing Methamphetamine, a Class B Felony; Possession of a Controlled Substance, a Class D Felony; Possession of Marijuana over 30 grams, a Class D Felony; and Receiving, Retaining, or Disposing of Stolen Property, a Class D Felony.

At the time, Baker was looking at up to 20 years in prison, if found guilty.

Last month in Ripley County Circuit Court, Baker got a break. As part of the plea agreement he pled guilty to Illegal Drug Labs, a Class C Felony. All remaining charges were dismissed. He will receive credit for the 234 days he has already served and will pay court costs of $164.00. The court recommended that the defendant receive substance abuse counseling while incarcerated.

Evidence seized by law enforcement during the raid on the Baker home was instructed to be released to Baker’s father, Robert Baker, with the stipulation that Robert has no prior felonies.

They include 1-8 gig memory stick, cruzer, emachine, 12 gauge shotgun, Mossberg 12 gauge pump camp shotgun, Winchester model 100 12-gauge shotgun; Mossberg 12-gauge pump shotgun; Harrington and Richardson 12 gauge single shot; New England Firearms 50 cal. single shot, New England Firearms 12-gauge single shot; J Stevens 32 cal. Long rifle single shot; 1-5KS BA4011, Ruger Mini 12, Remington 16 gauge Semi Auto; Connecticut Vballey Arms Muzzleloader 50 cal.; Smith & Wesson 40 cal. Semi auto with loaded mag; and 1 Jennings J-22 22 cal. Long rifle pistol with loaded mag.