Christians in Cross Plains band together displaying 100 crosses

Wanda English Burnett


The story of Christmas is never old to Rev. David Gingerich, pastor of the Cross Plains Baptist Church. This year, it has even more meaning as he sees the world creeping in and starting to steal some of the joy the season is all about.

Rev. Gingerich referred to the situation in Franklin County where the town of Brookville has a nativity scene on the courthouse lawn. A Wisconsin foundation wrote a letter to the governing bodies of the county saying it is unlawful for them to “maintain, erect or host a holiday display that consists solely of a nativity scene...” They went on to say “given its prominent location at the foot of the flagpole, any passerby would conclude that the creche is the focal point.”

Citing that incident and others where Christ has been taken out of schools and more, Rev. Gingerich says it’s time Christians stood up. His idea of “a simple white cross for every yard” was born and it quickly caught on in Cross Plains.

The Baptist pastor, who has been in the business of pastoring for 53 years, began making wooden crosses, small ones, about 18 inches by 9 inches and asking anyone who would to place them in their yards as a statement to the world “we believe and serve Jesus Christ.”

He told The Versailles Republican this is an appropriate time of the year, as any time would be, and wants people to remember that Christ came to earth as a humble babe who then died for the sins of the world. That’s why he made the crosses - because the “creche” is the focal point of Christmas.

Rev. Gingerich said no one told him “no” when he began asking people if they would display the simple white cross in their yards. What began as just a “few” quickly escalated and at press time, he had made and distributed 100 crosses. He even made a bigger one and lit it for his yard as did another member of his congregation.

The pastor said displaying a cross is a sign for all to see that the scripture is true. He referred to JH 3:14, “and as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness even so must the Son of Man be lifted up.”
The white crosses are catching on with more and more of them cropping up. The pastor encourages all Christians to take a stand and place a cross in their yards this season.

Rev. David Gingerich takes a stand for Christ as he poses in front of the 18' wooden lighted cross in his front yard. The pastor of the Cross Plains Baptist Church has started a campaign that has put over 100 crosses in focus for the Christmas season.