You're invited to join the cause

Wanda English Burnett

Thousands of voices are being heard because one woman stood up for what she believes in.
Leslie Boles of Holton, said as she read The Versailles Republican newspaper and learned about the controversy surrounding the nativity at Brookville, she was outraged.

“It was absolute shock and disbelief,” she described her feelings. “I couldn’t believe someone wanted something as innocent as the nativity removed.”

The story unfolded for Boles when she read about the mission of Rev. David Gingerich to place white crosses in lawns in the town of Cross Plains. Also in that story there was information about a group who had come forward letting the City of Brookville know they opposed having the nativity on the courthouse lawn, with the focal point, the creche, being placed directly under the American flag. They pointedly requested the nativity be removed.

Boles said she was so angry and as she was ranting, God spoke to her and said “Why don’t you do something about it?”

Like a bolt of lightning from the sky, Boles heeded what God had asked her and decided to start a cause on Facebook. “I couldn’t believe the people who were logging on,” she noted. Her first supporter on Facebook was Luella Franklin of Holton. “I was so thrilled to see her name,” Boles said. The list grew and as of early Monday morning, December 27 the cause was growing and had reached 8,864 members.

A petition was created by Boles’ friend, Drew Dennis from Brookville, and as of Monday, December 27 there were 1,594 actual signatures. These numbers will be forwarded to Brookville’s city attorney, Michael Wilhelm, showing the city there are many supporters to keep the nativity right where it belongs - on the courthouse lawn, under the American flag!

The story of Boles and Dennis’ efforts was picked up by Indianapolis and Cincinnati television stations. Dennis and Boles might seem like an unlikely couple, but they met through soccer. Boles son was playing on a soccer team and so was Dennis. Boles told the Osgood Journal that she had trouble creating the petition page, so Dennis helped out with that.

Others joined Boles as she brought her cause to Brookville last Thursday. Supporters Cameron Cumbee and August Kunkel, both graduates of Franklin County High School in Brookville, were glad to be numbered with those supporting the nativity. The young men, now in college, said they all played soccer with Dennis as well.

Mitch Harrell and Kaitlin Hughes, who attend Hopewell Baptist Church with Boles, also traveled to Brookville on Thursday in support of the cause. Harrell, who is in the ministry, noted that Christians have to take a stand.

The cause is referred to as one million strong and Boles believes before it’s over, there will be at least a million people signing on. After all, she’s had supporters from not only locally, but around the world.

Boles said she appreciates all the support and it’s especially heartening to see the young people involved. She invites everyone to join them at http:\\\1si85 to sign the petition to support keeping the nativity at Brookville. She notes that she believes, “We must put Christ back where he belongs,” so our nation will heal.

Pictured from left are: Mitch Harrell, Kaitlin Hughes, supporters of the cause; Leslie Boles, holding a copy of the newspaper she read about the Brookville nativity plight in, August Kunkel and Cameron Cumbee, also supporters, are graduates of Franklin County High School in Brookville, where they live. The supporters were there to bolster the idea of Boles to start a Facebook cause and a petition for people to sign to support the nativity staying where they say it belongs on the courthouse lawn in Brookville. A movement is trying to get it removed. The cold winds and snow didn't phase the group that turned out on Thursday of last week at the Brookville Courthouse lawn.