March 1, 2011

Just plain "wall to wall" basketball, what more could you ask?

The 2010-11 Ripley Publishing Co. Inc. traveling "Pride Trophy" winning and Co-ORVC Conference Champion Jac-Cen-Del Eagle boys varsity team pictured front from left include: Student manager Brytton Rogers, Trent Smith, Trey Brown, Derek Lunsford, Jayson Purdy, Brock Shadday, Dustin Wagner and Tyler Reatherford, Standing: JCD Head Eagle Boys Coach David Bradshaw, student manager Trey Bradshaw, Joe Abplanalp, Matt Speer, Trevor Arnett, freshman and assistant boys varsity coach Roy Thomas, Codey Martin, Andrew Snyder, Eagle announcer Travis Rohrig, Cord Comer and JV boys and assistant varsity team coach Steve Narwold. Not pictured, volunteer team manager Adam Craig.

Gary Franklin, Sports Editor

When neighboring high school sports rivals, the South Ripley Raider and the Jac-Cen-Del Eagle coaches, athletes and fans come face to face on any type of playing surface, intensity is heightened and expectation levels are greatly increased.
Such was the case for the recent boys basketball regular season finale played at JCDHS on Friday, Feb. 25.
This particular round of battles went to the Eagle JV and varsity teams, but it didn't come easy, nor is it likely the next time they meet down the road.
The Eagle JV boys basketball team coached by Steve Narwold's three point victory over the Raiders by a final score of 32-29, secured JCD the 2010-11 ORVC Championship Title.
JV Quarter scores
Eagles 9- 9 Raiders
Eagles 16-15 Raiders
Eagles 20-18 Raiders
Eagles 32-29 Raiders
Individual JV scoring
Jac-Cen-Del Eagles 32
Trent Smith 7
Dustin Wagner 6
Trey Brown 5
Codey Martin 4
Andrew Snyder 4
Adam Siebert 3
Tyler Reatherford 2
AJ Ertel 1
Cord Comer 0
John Fitzgerald 0
Joe Harlemert 0
Joe Wenning 0
Austin Harmeyer 0
Alex Rork 0
South Ripley Raiders 29
Levi Yocum 8
Austin Halcomb 7
Austin Grider 4
Joe Dicken 3
Jacob Mullins 2
Amos Taylor 2
Jason Dilk 2
Kyle Taylor 1
Tyler Rolf 0
Chad Anderson 0
David Mayes 0
Devon Tankersley 0
Gus Berry 0
Ryan Lengerich 0
SR/JCD JV "courtside action"
JV Quarter One
A South Ripley Raider controlled center court tip led to Raider Austin Halcomb's first FG and a Raider 2-0 lead. Not to be taken lightly, Eagle Dustin Wagner countered with a 3-pointer to give JCD their first lead at 3-2.
After multiple fouls were called against the teams, Raider Jason Dilk scored a FG to put the Raider's back on top, now at 4-3. Eagle Andrew Snyder sank a FG and a pair of FT's to give JCD a 7-4 lead. That was quickly coutered by a Raider Levi Yocum FG.
Raider Kyle Taylor knotted the game for the first time at 7 with one for two FT shooting. Raider Yocum's FG gave SR the 9-7 lead with less than a minute remining in period one. JCD's Tyler Reatherford knotted the game at nine before the clock expired.
JV Quarter Two
Eagle Codey Martin nailed a pair of FT's early in second period action, followed with his FG to give JCD the early 13-9 edge. Teammate Wagner made one of two FT's offered, leading to a SR called time-out.
Eagle Brown made one of a pair of FT 's offered, leading to a Raider Jacob Mullins FG delivery. An all Raider scoring binge for the rest of the period left JCD cold heading to the locker room at half time, Eagles 16-15 Raiders, a mere one point seperated the two teams.
JV Quarter Three
Raider Austin Halcomb opened third period scoring from the charity stripe, where he sank three of four FT's to give SR the lead at 18-16. Eagle Wagner netted one of two FT's offered, followed by freshman teammate Adam Siefert's FG to gain the one point edge and later added a one of two FT shots to put the Eagles on top 20-18 heading for the fourth quarter.
JV Fourth Quarter
In the fourth period's opening segment, a medley of scores erupted. Raider Halcomb connected for a FG, Eagle Trent Smith made a downtown 3-pointer to which Raider Joe Dicken responded in kind with his own long range trey, knotting the game at 23 with less than five minutes remaining to be played.
Eagle Brown missed the front end of a one plus one opportunity at the charity stripe. Raider Yocum scored a FG, followed by a FG score by Eagle Brown. A Raider called time-out requested by SR JV coach Brad Samples led to a Yocum FG to give SR the 27-25 lead.
Raider Amos Taylor's FG added pressure on the Eagles. Eagle Smith's 3-pointer, a JCD time-out called by Eagle coach Steve Narwold, Eagle Wagner's connecting on a FT of the two offered led to a JCD two point lead at 31-29.
Eagle Snyder and Wagner each missed FT's down the stretch leading to a coast to coast run and lay-up by Raider Dilk only to have it reputed as a charging foul was assessed him. This voided the tie and sent Eagle Smith to the charity stripe where he made one of two offered FT's, taking the game's final score to JCD 32-29 SR.
JCD's prevailing of the hard fought battle victory clinched the 2010-11 ORVC Championship Title with a 5-1 conference win record.
Congratulations to both teams on a hard fought game and season!
SR/JCD Varsity
"courtside acton"
Fans got no less than what has come to be an expectation from an Eagle/Raider season ending sports match-up on Friday, February 25.
On the line for the JCD Eagles was a share of the 2010-11 ORVC conference title as the Shawe Hilltoppers' win over the Milan Indians secured them at the least a piece of it. The JCD/SR outcome would determine if it was outright or shared.
Coach David Bradshaw's Eagles legitimately earned their part of it finishing their regular season schedule with a 5-1 ORVC season record following the 85-81 overtime victory over coach Travis Wrightsman's South Ripley Raiders.
Varsity Quarter One
An Eagle controlled center court tip-off followed by a turnover by both JCD and SR resulted in a FG each by Eagle seniors Derek Lunsford, Trevor Arnett and Joe Abplanalp for a 6-0 start. Raider Brandon Sizemore scored SR's first basket at 4:58, leaving JCD up 6-2.
Eagle Arnett made one of two FT's offered, while Raider senior Jerad Walters toed the charity stripe line to make a pair. Raider Sizemore made one of two FT's offered before sinking a downtown 3-pointer to put SR in the lead for the first time in the game at 8-7.
Eagle Jayson Purdy responded with a FG to regain a one point edge for JCD at 9-8. Eagles Arnett added a FG, Lunsford nailed a 3-pointer and Arnett added one of two FT shots to advance to a score of 15-8.
In the closing minutes of the opening period, Raider Trey Sparks made a pair of FT's and senior Raider teammate Sam Stratton closed the scoring with a FG. Teams headed for quarter two, JCD 15-12 SR.
Varsity Quarter Two
Opening action in the second period became wild and furious. Raider Sizemore drilled a 3-pointer. Eagle Joe Abplanalp countered with his long range 3-pointer. Eagle Purdy scored a FG. Raider Codey Federmann put his FG in the hoop. Raider Walters added a FG for SR and Eagle Abplanalp hit one of two FT's
With the score JCD 21-19 over SR and 3:37 remaining in the first half of play, Eagle Trent Smith added a 3- pointer and a FG leading to an SR time-out. Returning, Raider Sparks sank a FG, followed by an Eagle Purdy FG.
Raider Sparks added another FG, but Eagle Lunsford sank a pair of FT's to negate the Raider gain. However, following a Raider Sparks miss of the one plus one FT opportunity, teammate Walters hit a floater at the horn to end the half at JCD 30-25 over SR.
Varsity Quarter Three
Eagle Abplanalp opened the third quarter scoring with his long range 3-point delivery. Teammate Arnett added a pair of FT's from the charity stripe. Raider Sizemore scored a FG. Eagle Purdy scored a FG plus the FT to convert an old fashioned three point play. Raider Walters scored a FG, leading to a JCD called timeout.
Eagle scoring following the time-out came from a pair of Arnett FT's, an Arnett FG and a Lunsford FG which led to a Raider called time-out with JCD up 15 at 44-29.
Raider Blake Davis scored a FG following the time-out, but Eagle Codey Martin countered with a FG for JCD.
The Eagles went on another scoring frenzy as Lunsford made a FG/FT combination and teammate Smith nailed a 3-pointer to advance to a 21 point lead at 52-31 lead. One possibly would consider it curtain time in most games, but keep in mind this is a Jac-Cen-Del/South Ripley contest. It's not over until the final "FINAL" horn sounds.
Raider Sparks connected on a pair of FT's. Teammate Sizemore nets a FG, Eagle Abplanalp comes up empty on a pair of FT tries. Raider Sizemore backs a 3-pointer up with a second consecutive 3-pointer and the Eagles' game lead had been reduced to 11 points at 52-41. Eagle Arnett ended the third period scoring with a FG but missed the FT.
Varsity Quarter Four
A Jac-Cen-Del called time out at 7:51 in the opening of the fourth period led to ironic back to back fouls assessed to Eagle Arnett, giving him #3 and #4, sidelining him from play.
Raider Sizemore opened scoring with a FG. Eagle Lunsford netted a pair of FT's. Raider Walters scored a FG. Raider teammates Sizemore and Stratton each added FG's, forcing a JCD time-out to be taken. The Eagles now had had their 21 point lead diminished to single digits at 56-49 with 6:37 remaining in the regular game.
Arnett's absence had greatly impacted the Eagle progress. Eagle Martin connected on one of two FT's. Raider Walters scored a FG. Eagle Martin missed the front side of a one plus one FT opportunity. Raider Walters cut the SR deficit to four points at 53-57 with a FG.
Eagle Abplanalp nailed a pair of FT's at the 5:03 mark and teammate Arnett was reinserted into the JCD line-up. A mere fifteen seconds later, Arnett was whistled for his fifth foul removing him from the game. Raider Davis capitalized on the Arnett called foul, sinking the pair. Ensuing Eagle free throw shooting included one for two by Martin, a pair of makes by Lunsford and one for two hit by Smith, while Matt Speer came up empty on his two tries. Eagle Speer's miss was costly to JCD. However, more costly was the Raider loss of Trey Sparks as he was whistled for his fifth to send Speer to the line and retire Sparks.
Raider Walters scored a FG. Eagle Lunsford scored a FG but missed his FT opportunity. Raider Davis added a FG followed by teammate Walters' delivery on a pair of FT's to pull SR back to a five point deficit at 61-66.
Eagle Lunsford connected on but one of two FT offerings followed by a Raider Sizemore FG, leading to an SR called time-out at 1:42. On returning to action, Eagle Martin scored a FG but missed the FT shot afforded him at the cost of Raider Blake Davis' fifth assessed foul. Raider Walters scored a pair of FT's. Eagle Martin scored a FG. Raider Sizemore drilled the 3-pointer. Eagle Lunsford nailed a pair of FT's. Raider Walters sank the long range 3-pointer. Eagle Abplanalp missed a pair of FT opportunities but Raider Stratton came up short on the front side of his one plus one FT offering, leading to a JCD called time-out with less than 24 seconds remaining.
A fifth foul assessed to Raider senior Jon Grossman sent Eagle Abplanalp to the charity stripe where he connected on one of two tries. A third assessed foul on Raider Stratton sent Eagle Abplanalp back to the foul line where he missed both shots, leaving the game a three point lead for JCD at 74-71 with just 14.1 seconds remaining.
Raider Walters released the downtown 3-pointer to tie the game at 74. From 21 down to a tie with the clock winding down. Where else but southern Indiana? Don't count 'em til you own 'em! An Eagle long range effort came up out of bounds under their basket with 3/10th's of a second on the game clock, Raider ball, Raider Sizemore attempted the full court pass from under the Eagle basket to anyone on his end under the basket but while in flight the ball caught the understructure of the roof, to give JCD the ball back, under their basket, with the 3/10h's of a second yet remaining. An Eagle lob to Martin timed perfectly allowed for the 6'5" Martin tip toward the basket. However just a little too hard as it hit the inside of the rim off the back board and bounced out.
Varsity Overtime
The Eagles less Arnett and the Raiders less Sparks, Davis and Grossman headed to the four minute overtime where the center court jump tip was controlled by JCD.
A foul whistled against Eagle Martin sent Raider Federmann to the charity stripe where Codey made one of the two shots, giving SR the 75-74 lead. A Federmann foul sent Eagle Abplanalp to the charity stripe where he made the pair to give JCD the one point, 76-75, edge. Eagle Martin came up with a monster block against the Raiders, leading to an SR called time-out.
Eagle Abplanalp scored a FG off a teammate Speer assist. A foul whistled on Eagle Lunsford sent Raider Walters to the charity stripe where he connected on the first but missed the two following FT tries of the three awarded him.
A foul on Raider Sizemore sent Eagle Lunsford to the line where he made both FT's. Raider Walters answered with a downtown 3-pointer, providing a mere one point Raider deficit at 79-80 JCD. A fourth foul assessed to Raider Stratton sent Eagle Lunsford to the line where he made both shots.
Raider Stratton followed with a FG. With just 10.4 seconds remaining in the first overtime period, a foul on Raider Sizemore sent Eagle Purdy to the line where he missed his first shot before nailing the second, which solidified the Eagle four point 85-81 victory and allowed JCD to retain this year's Ripley Publishing Co. Inc. sponsored traveling "Pride Trophy", while locking themselves into a Co-ORVC Conference Championship Title as well.
Congratulations to both JCD Eagles and SR Raiders on a super game and best of luck in your extended season trials!
Varsity Quarter scores
Eagles 15-12 Raiders
Eagles 30-25 Raiders
Eagles 54-41 Raiders
Eagles 74-74 Raiders
OT Eagles 85-81 Raiders
Individual Varsity scoring
Jac-Cen-Del Eagles 85
Derek Lunsford 26
Joe Abplanalp 16
Trevor Arnett 14
Jayson Purdy 12
Trent Smith 9
Codey Martin 8
Matt Speer 0
Brock Shadday Inj
Andrew Snyder 0
Dustin Wagner 0
Tyler Reatherford 0
Cord Comer 0
Trey Brown 0
South Ripley Raiders 81
Jerad Walters 30
Brandon Sizemore 28
Trey Sparks 8
Sam Stratton 6
Blake Davis 6
Codey Federmann 3
Jon Grossman 0
Amos Taylor 0
Jason Dilk 0