Firefighters from seven departments come together for training

Wanda English Burnett

Recently there were firefighters from seven different departments in Versailles. No, it wasn’t a seven-alarm fire, but rather firefighters coming together to be prepared in case there would be one and to make sure they would be safe.

According to information from Versailles Fire Chief Ben Sieverding, the firefighters came from Milan, Delaware, Friendship, Napoleon, Versailles Fire Rescue, Holton, and Scipio Geneva Township, to participate in a training course sponsored by the District 9 Training Council through the Indiana Department of Homeland Security. Chief Sieverding, along with Captain Chuck Gunter from the Versailles department, were the instructors.

The training course spanned a two-day period with the first day being spent in the classroom where they learned about situational awareness and firefighter survival.

During the first day’s instruction, firefighters learned how to help themselves through self-rescue techniques. They gained information pertinent to their survival. They were taught to recognize conditions that could endanger their lives and the lives of other firefighters as well. Sieverding noted, “By recognizing these conditions, firefighters can make educated decisions that will help keep themselves and other firefighters safe.”

On the second day of training, firefighters were involved in hands-on applications such as: SCBA drills, ladder bail outs and controlled falls. The training also involved rescue operations for RIT (Rapid Intervention Team). RIT are specially trained firefighters who are on scene during firefighting operations for the sole purpose of rescuing firefighters if they need help. These RIT drills involved the Denver Drill, Danze Drill, ladder rescue and staircase rescues.

Because firefighters spend so much of their training and effort making sure others are safe, this training was designed specifically to make sure the firefighters themselves are safe.

If any fire department is interested in this course for their department, they can contact Chief Sieverding, District 9 Training Coordinator at 812-621-1150.

Firemen from seven departments descended on Versailles recently as they took part in a Firefighter Safety and Survival training at the Versailles Volunteer Fire Department. The course was sponsored by the District 9 Training Council through the Indiana Department of Homeland Security. Instructors for the course included Chief Ben Sieverding and Captain Chuck Gunter, both from the Versailles department.