March 15, 2011

Senior Milan Indian Zach Ollman is named
to South All-Star Team defensive line

Gary Franklin, Sports Editor

Congratulations are in order to 2010-11 Milan Indian senior football player Zach Ollman (52), listed on the past season roster as 5'10" at 260#. Ollman has been notified that he has been selected to play in the Annual North-South All-Star Football game. Zach will compete as a defensive lineman on the South squad, when the games are held at North Central High School on July 15.
Ollman was a two-time All-MIFC player for the Indians. He was also named first team All-State by the IFCA and AP this past fall.
Indian Head Football Coach Ryan Langferman added, "Zach was a team captain and anchor of the offensive and defensive lines for the Indians this past season."
Zach Ollman represents the 10th tribesman to earn the designation as an Indiana All-Star.
Ollman joins formerly designated Indiana All-Stars: Jim Ralston - 1970 Quarterback, Mike Willhite - 1985 Wide Receiver, Jeff Sharp - 1996 Line Backer, Ryan Langferman - 1997 Quarterback, Andrew Thompson - 1999 Defensive End, Ryan Hixon - 2000 Wide Receiver, Derek Pennington - 2000 Defensive End, Michael Brandes - 2009 Offensive Lineman, Travis Pennington - 2009 Running Back.
Milan has also had the honor of sending two coaches to represent MHS in the all-star match ups over the years, coach Bob Brookbank in 1997 and current head coach Langferman in 2010.
Ollman is the fourth tribesman under coach Langferman's six year reign as the Milan Indian Head Football Coach to be named to the All-Star Team honor.
Our Congratulations to Zach Ollamn and coach Ryan Langferman!

Pictured above, Senior Milan Indian Zach Ollman (52) delivers a little defensive first hand "nice to meet ya" message to a Lancer on the Edinburgh High School football field.
At left, senior Milan Indian Zach Ollman (52) prepares to make his homecoming recognition march down the track between the Milan High School football field and grandstands before their 2010 homecoming game.