Osgood man gets much more than coffee!!

John Billman of Osgood stopped at the Osgood Food Mart on Saturday, March 12 for coffee and a scratch-off ticket. He quickly turned five-dollars into $130,000 when he revealed the winnings of his Hoosier Lottery Scratch-off. He won a top prize on a Triple the Money scratch-off ticket.
What will he do with the money?

The Billmans said with three children in college, they won’t be making any frivolous purchases with the winnings. “It will help a lot,” Billman said. He said the whole experience was “pretty neat.”

The Hoosier Lottery reminds all players to sign the back of their tickets and to please play responsibly.

As with all Hoosier Lottery games, the net income generated from the sale of Scratch-offs in Indiana is turned over to the state.

Last year, the Hoosier Lottery transferred $190 million to the state where it was allocated to teachers, police and firefighters retirement funds as well as the Build Indiana Fund which ultimately reduces Hoosiers’ license plate costs.

John Billman of Osgood, holds his big check showing his big winnings of $130,000.