Commissioners negotiate annex project

Beth Rumsey
Staff Writer

The Ripley County Commissioners negotiated the contract for construction manager service with Construction Control Inc. (CCI) at the regular meeting on Monday, April 18. CCI will manage the annex construction project.

Several points of the contract concerned the commissioners and each was individually discussed. Joe Hoffman, CCI, noted that changes to language in the contract could interfere with the other contracts between the architect or contractors “It was written in this way so that the contractors complete the work according to specs,” he said.

County attorney John Ertel noted that some of the language in the contract regarding costs due to delays is vague. He argued that delays are not the fault of the county, but rather the contractor and the contract should note that contractors are responsible for those costs and to be paid to the county.

Ertel reminded Hoffman that the county is relying on the company’s expertise to ensure that not only the lowest bidder, but the most reliable bidder is hired. The agreed upon changes will be made to the contract before it is signed.

Patty Jackson, Southeastern Indiana Regional Planning Commission, requested permission to provide information on an owner occupied rehabilitation program to residents of Ripley County who are 55 or older or disabled with low income.

Jackson explained that the program will provide funds to a homeowner to make repairs to their home. The individual homeowners will not receive the money, but rather the funds will be distributed through SIRPC to the contractors.

Those interested in applying for the program can contact SIRPC for more information at 812-689-5505. The commissioners unanimously approved the request to provide this service.

In other business:

• The commissioners were provided information regarding the reverse auction where the bidding process for goods and services are obtained similar to an auction process, which would ensure the lowest bid according to the specs required by the customer. According to John House, Electronic Auction Services, the vendor would pay all fees and transaction fees.

• The commissioners will hear presentations from health insurance companies at the May 2 meeting.

• The commissioners unanimously approved the purchase of two scanners for the clerk’s office.

All commissioners were in attendance. The next meeting will be on Monday, May 2 beginning at 7 a.m. at the county highway garage in Osgood and reconvening at the courthouse annex in Versailles at 8 a.m.