The Versailles Republican Sports

May 19, 2011

2011 annual ORVC T&F Meet results posted

Gary Franklin, Sports Writer

The annual ORVC T&F Meet was hosted by Southwestern Hanover High School at the Madison Consolidated HS facility on Thursday, May 12.
A pleasant evening with a mild though steady breeze made for positive conditions for the athletes to perform.
Final team scores follow
Rising Sun Shiners 139
South Ripley Raiders 92
Switzerland County Pacers 92
Milan Indians 81
Jac-Cen-Del Eagles 31
Shawe Memorial Hilltoppers 24
Southwestern Hanover Rebels 5
S'western Hanover Lady Rebels 110
Switzerland Co. Lady Pacers 107
South Ripley Lady Raiders 80
Rising Sun Lady Shiners 60
Jac-Cen-Del Lady Eagles 54
Milan Lady Indians 37
Shawe Mem. Lady Hilltoppers 12
Event by event finish
Caleb Kelly Milan 136'02.00"
Zach Rodgers SC 116'00.25"
Brent Cummings RS 115' 09.75"
Cody Federmann SR 110'06.50"
Tyler Johnson JCD 110'02.75"
Alex Galbreath SC 103'06.00"
Kaitlyn Brooks SwH 99'04.50"
Susie Reyes SC 90'00.00"
Emily Forwalt SR 77'05.75"
Aliccia Casper SwH 72'08.00"
Meagan Hughes JCD 71'03.75"
Brianna Volz JCD 70'09.75"
Shot Put
Clay Comer JCD 44'08.00"
Derek Koger SR 43'11.50"
Caleb Kelly Milan 40'09.00"
Cody Federmann SR 39'06.00"
Brady Scudder SC 39'00.50"
Brent Cummings RS 36'06.50"
Bethani Kloepfer SwH 33'00.50"
Becca Wagner JCD 30'01.00"
Taylor Miles Shawe 29'00.00"
Samie Lozier RS 27'11.00"
Susie Reyes SC 27'08.50"
Megan Obermeyer JCD 26'08.50"
High Jump
Alex Curran SC 6'00"
Austin Martin RS 5'10"
Jonathan Grossman SR 5'08"
Cody Federmann SR 5'06"
Kevin Adams SD J 5'06"
Briar Miller RS 5'04"
Brooke Gilland JCD 5'02"
*Gilland's High Jump of 5'1" at the Franklin County High School hosted 2011 IHSAA sanctioned T&F Sectional tied fellow jumpers Elle Roeder of the Batesville Lady Bulldogs and Jaclyn Kolodzik of the Rising Sun Lady Shiners to earn her the right to advance and compete in regional action.
Jaclyn Kolodzik RS J 5'02"
Jessie Strassell Milan 5'00"
Bre Ricketts SC 4'10"
Olivia Hewitt SC 4'10"
Kathleen Maloney JCD 4'06"
Long Jump
Quinn Meyer SC 18'05.50"
William Craig Shawe 18'01.50"
Alex Curran SC 18'00.00"
Austin Allen SR 17'04.50"
Sam Thompson Milan 17'01.50"
Travis Higham SwH 16'10.50"
Cass Lawson SwH 14'10"
Savannah Hubbard SwH 14'08"
Brooke Dickerson SC 14'02"
Kasey King SR 14'00"
Bre Ricketts SC 13'11"
Kyana Clippert SR 13'10"
Hurdles 110/100
Boys 110
Justin Jaworski RS 16.93
Austin Martin RS 17.10
Sean Oatman SC 19.43
Tyler Delay JCD 19.61
Dakota Taylor SC 19.78
Derek Douglas JCD 19.95
Girls 100
Kasey King SR 15.88
*King's 3rd place finish in the 100 Hurdles with a run of 17.10 in the 2011 IHSAA T&F Sectional hosted by Franklin County High School earned her a right to compete in the regional.
Jaclyn Kolodzik RS 16.01
Kayla Peetz SR 17.15
Andrea Brogan SC 17.24
Bre Ricketts SC 17.50
Becca Wagner JCD 20.15
Hurdles 300 IM
Justin Jaworski RS 44.97
Peter Ramsey RS 45.89
Jarrod Rampy Shawe 49.04
Sean Oatman SC 49.80
Nathan Thompson Milan 52.13
Tyler Delay SR 52.41
Kasey King SR 45.53
*With her time of 45.53, King reset the SRHS 300 Hurdle record time to beat that had been held by Shannon Elliot (Peetz) in 1991 and held until Kings run in the 2011 ORVC Meet at Madison Consolidated High School.
* King has since won the Franklin County hosted IHSAA Girls T&F Sectional 300 Hurdles with her time of 47.94, qualifying her to compete in the regional 300 Hurdles.
Jaclyn Kolodzik RS 51.66
Brooke Dickerson SC 54.35
Olivia Hewitt SC 55.36
Becca Wagner JCD 56.95
Marcela Foster SR 57.64
100M Dash
Kevin Dresselhaus SR 11.21
John Herzog Milan 11.34
Clint Swanson SC 11.36
Cord Comer JCD 11.38
Jonathan Grossman SR 11.47
William Craig Shawe 11.60
Morgan Mahoney SwH 13.12
Emily Cumberworth SR 13.40
Andrea Brogan SC 13.50
Shelby Auxier SwH 13.51
Jessie Strassell Milan 13.64
Emily Evans SC 14.10
200M Dash
Clint Swanson SC 23.00
John Herzog Milan 23.12
Cord Comer JCD 23.42
Kevin Dresselhaus SR 23.52
Michael Perry SwH 24.15
Ryan Kendrick RS 24.44
Kasey King SR 26.97
Morgan Mahoney SwH 27.84
Andrea Brogan SC 28.05
Shelby Auxier SwH 28.32
Amber Crank JCD 28.87
Chelsea Bowman RS 29.30
400M Dash
Adam Hummel RS 52.69
Ryan Kendrick RS 54.03
Austin Allen SR 54.63
Campbell Higbie Shawe 55.00
Tyler Money Milan 56.55
Elijah Seithel Milan 58.89
Morgan Mahoney SwH 1:02.86
Chelsea Bowman RS 1:04.47
Kayla Peetz SR 1:04.84
Alexis Carfield SC 1:07.33
Savannah Hubbard SwH 1:07.73
Kelsey Cumberworth SR 1:08.38
800M Run
Adam Hummel RS 2:13.27
Trey Sparks SR 2:16.69
Garrett Craig RS 2:18.94
Adam Ison Milan 2:21.23
Braden Burk SC 2:23.12
Alex Galbreath SC 2:24.32
Kara Wagner JCD 2:33.72
Katie Dickey Milan 2:36.15
Laura Hesse Shawe 2:44.41
Bre Hinman SC 2:48.00
Felicia Henry RS 2:48.72
Jessica Fields RS 2:54.86
1600M Run
Anthony Nierlich RS 4:51.02
Nick Walter Milan 5:02.45
Zach Raab SR 5:09.18
Briar Miller RS 5:09.32
Braden Burk SC 5:19.96
Michael Hedges SwH 5:21.10
Cass Lawson SwH 6:00.05
Bre Hinman SC 6:11.45
Tatijana Marsee Milan 6:17.50
Robin Furnish SC 6:19.00
Kara Wagner JCD 6:32.00
Maria Castaneda Milan 6:37.03
4x100 Relay
Milan Indians 46.37
*Sam Thompson, Adam Ison,
Tyler Money & John Herzog
*Indians 5th consecutive 4x100
ORVC Meet Relay team win*
Switz. County Pacers 47.00
South Ripley Raiders 47.07
Rising Sun Shiners 47.41
Jac-Cen-Del Eagles 49.68
Shawe Hilltoppers 51.56
4x100 Relay (continued)
Sw Hanover Lady Rebels 52.44
*Lady Rebel team included: Morgan Mahoney, Cass Lawson, Savannah Hubbard & Shelby Auxier
Switz. Co. Lady Pacers 54.48
Jac-Cen-Del Lady Eagles 56.37
So. Ripley Lady Raiders 57.03
Rising Sun Lady Shiners DQ'd
4x400 Relay
Rising Sun Shiners 3:41.78
*Shiner team included:
Ryan Hendrick, Peter Ramsey, Garrett Craig & Adam Hummel
Milan Indians 3:45.10
South Ripley Raiders 3:53.06
Switz. County Pacers 4:04.11
Shawe Hilltoppers 4:15.52
Jac-Cen-Del Eagles 4:38.13
Rising Sun Lady Shiners 4:26.08
*Lady Shiner team included: Candie Armstrong, Jaclyn Kolodzik, Aly Minks & Chelsea Bowman
Sw Hanover Lady Rebels 4:39.16
So. Ripley Lady Raiders 4:40.03
Switz. Co. Lady Pacers 4:55.00
Jac-Cen-Del Lady Eagles 5:27.41
4x800 Relay
Rising Sun Shiners 8:59.85
*Shuner team included: Branden Browning, Anthony Nierlich, Garrett Craig & Briar Miller
South Ripley Raiders 9:01.53
Switz. County Pacers 10:08.44
Milan Indians 11:12.00
Shawe Hilltoppers 11:43.35
Rising Sun Lady Shiners 11:09.78
*Lady Shiner team included: Felicia Henry, Candie Armstrong, Aly Minks & Chelsea Bowman
Switz. Co. Lady Pacers 11:36.15
So. Ripley Lady Raiders 12:26.84
Jac-Cen-Del Lady Eagles 12:28.93
Sw Hanover Lady Rebels 12:42.80