Candlelight vigil planned for Saturday
Family says teen died from heroin

Wanda English Burnett

An 18th birthday should have been the cause for celebration. In the case of Cierra Adams of Batesville, it is the day her family will never forget. It is the day she died.

The family of Cierra Adams is organizing a walk and candlelight vigil for the 18-year-old who died July 16, on her birthday. While the autopsy has not been completed, her family says she died of a heroin overdose.

The walk and candlelight vigil will take place Saturday, July 30 at 7:00 p.m. at the Liberty Park in Batesville. The family says the walk is a way to make people aware of the drug problem.

Mother of Cierra, Karen Adams said the event is for anyone who has lost a loved one, friend or neighbor to alcohol or drugs. “We want to take back our community,” she said. “If we don’t stand together and fight this problem, it’s just going to get worse and worse and there will be more kids dying.”

There will be speakers at the event and information will be given out about slang terms about drugs that kids might use and signs to look for and more.

The Adams family encourages everyone to bring their children Saturday to the park to talk about drugs and choices with them, and most of all, to take action.

Karen said her daughter was not a heroin or drug addict, and she was not aware of her taking any kind of drugs before this tragedy that claimed her life. She says they believe Cierra was taken to Cincinnati where she got the heroin and then died at a friend’s home in Batesville.

Karen and her sister, Diana Fugate, who are both graduates of Milan High School, are organizing the walk and spreading the word to help save a life. “We’re not taking it. Things are happening and it’s going to get worse,” Karen said. Her sister added, “People would be shocked if they knew how bad it really was.”

Batesville isn’t the only community affected by young people abusing heroin. It happens in the rest of the county and according to Prosecutor Ric Hertel is a problem throughout the county. Anyone interested in saving the lives of the young people in the area are encouraged to go to the walk and support the Adams family.