Balanced calendar to be revisited at Milan schools

Wanda English Burnett

The balanced calendar issue is still on the table for Milan Community Schools.

At the regular meeting in July, Superintendent Dr. Thomas Reale noted that Lawrenceburg schools had approved a balanced calendar for the 2012-13 school year, bringing the total of area schools on board with the idea to six. He also told those in attendance that the Southeastern Career Center would now adopt a balanced calendar for the 2012-13 school year. The superintendent recommended the board consider adopting a calendar similar to those with the balanced calendars for the 2012-13 school year.

Board members said they would look at the situation and discuss it at the next regular meeting, which is set for August 15 at 7:00 p.m. at the administration building.

High school principal Paul Ketcham presented the 2010-11 student athlete academic awards. Fall awardees were: Ashley Ahaus, Dakota Stites, Staci Ollman, Anna Palastro, Nick Ryan, Cooper Wade and Matt Arkenberg. Logan Karsteter was named for the winter awards. Fall/spring award winners were: Zach Meyer, Arielle Noel, Alex Owens, Whitney Couch, Hannah Lohrum and Autumn Bowling. Maria Voss was named for the fall/winter award. Winter/spring award went to Nathan Hand. Fall/winter/spring awards went to: Katie Dickey, Nick Walter, Russell Pitts, Elaina Voss, Lydia Ertel, Jessica Strassell and Brooklyn Honnert.

Ketcham commended the athletes for their efforts and time management skills.

The board gave a unanimous vote for the recommendation to hire Douglas Wilson as the school’s attorney. Dr. Reale noted that Wilson was available for the position with no retainer fee and no long-term conditions.

Under new business the board gave unanimous approval on the Promotion from Grade to Grade proposal from the superintendent. This means students would be promoted to the next grade level as recommended by the building principal. Parents would be consulted if their child is to be retained, but the final decision would be the principal’s. It was noted students shall not be retained in order to extend the period of athletic eligibility.

The issue of field trips was discussed. It was noted that field trips are an important part of the student’s educational experience and an extension of the classroom curriculum. The board approved guidelines for the trips and voted to approve the revision to the field trip policy.

The board gave unanimous approval to two conditions of employment proposals recommended by Superintendent Dr. Reale.

The first proposal was for the maintenance supervisors and custodians with the following revised conditions: eleven designated holidays, no personal days, vacation days - 10 in years 1-5, 15 in years 6-15 and 20 after 15 years, five bereavement days for immediate family, health insurance benefits as approved at the June meeting, 8 sick days per year with a maximum of 90 days, $50 per day paid into an annuity account for 5-8 unused sick days annually, 3 percent matching annuity, 3 percent PERF payment, and $50,000 life insurance policy.

The second proposal was for secretaries, treasurers, and the computer technician who work 210-225 days: eight designated holidays, no personal days but may take two school days for personal business and make up on another work day, five bereavement days for immediate family, health insurance benefit package as stated for custodial staff, $50 per day paid into an annuity account for 5-8 unused sick days annually, 3 percent matching annuity, 3 percent PERF payment, and $50,000 life insurance policy.

Extracurricular staffing for the 2011-12 school year was given unanimous approval for the following: boys varsity basketball, Josh Blankinship; boys reserve basketball, Jeff Stutler; boys freshman basketball, Tyler Theising; boys 8th grade basketball, Randy Combs, boys 7th grade basketball, Dave Honnert; girls varsity basketball, Lisa Bradshaw; volunteer Brandy Lacey Bastin; girls reserve basketball, David Wall; girls 8th grade basketball, Chelsa Dwenger; girls 7th grade basketball, Jack Day; varsity football, Ryan Langferman; assistant football, Randy Combs, Mike Brandes; volunteers, Tony Pennington, Jeff Sharp, Josh Benjamin, Chris Day.

Approved for middle school football: Jeff Stutler; volunteers Marty Layden, Brian Owens, Danny Craig; varsity baseball, Jeff Stutler; reserve baseball, Jeremiah Loehmer; varsity softball, Yatze Roysden; reserve softball, Dave Honnert; boys golf, Steve Gutzwiller; girls golf, Debby Voss; volunteer, Tonya Marsee; varsity cross country, Todd Yates; boys varsity track, Emily Frye; girls varsity track, Caitlin Sauerhage; girls middle school track, Brandy Lacey Bastin; boys varsity soccer, Kevin Walter; girls varsity soccer, Leah Clark; girls varsity volleyball, Terry Wullenweber; girls reserve volleyball, Joanne Siebert; girls freshman volleyball, Brianna Kraushar.

Also approved: girls middle school volleyball, Kayla Crank; boys tennis, girls tennis, and boys swimming, Zach Wade; girls swimming, Paige Wade; varsity wrestling, Rob Riley; middle school wrestling, Adrian Wilburn; summer weight training, Ryan Langferman; varsity/reserve cheerleading, Laura Hicks; middle school cheerleading, Judy White; academic superbowl, Alecia Fryman and Brenda Walter; Art Club, Laura Hicks, high school band, middle school band, summer band, Stefani Bedel; high school/middle school choir, Matthew Hurst, elementary school choir, Paula Karsteter; freshman class sponsor, Tresa Patz; FFA, Anita Boggs; German Club, Linda Hamrick, National Junior Honor Society, Marty Layden; National Honor Society, Todd Yates; senior class, Richard Dobson and Todd Yates; high school spell bowl, Brenda Walter; middle school spell bowl, Brenda Walter; high school student council, Alecia Fryman and Todd Yates; middle school student council, Linda Oelker; high school yearbook, Rebecca Low and Lisa Kirk; middle school yearbook, Karen Schmidt; elementary school yearbook, Debra Johnson, drill team volunteer, Angela Amberger, high school/middle school SADD volunteer, Tresa Patz; Spanish Club volunteer, Emily Kugler.

Anne Marie Layden will now be full time in her Title I position. She will assume duties as the district testing and High Ability Coordinator as well. This will be no cost to the general fund due to her salary funds coming from Title I.

Andrew Young will fill the medical leave of Carolyn Dube for the 2011-12 school year.

In other business:

• A request from elementary school principal Jane Rogers for an additional teacher was heard under old business. Superintendent Reale said he would bring the request back to the board’s attention in August if enrollment numbers merited review.

• A revision to the Corporal Punishment policy was approved unanimously. Corporal punishment will not be permitted in the Milan Community Schools.

• Patron Mike Brandes presented a petition with 325 names requesting the board rescind their decision on the school colors. Board president Douglas Norman said the board would take the matter under consideration.

All board members were in attendance: President Douglas Norman, Gregory Lewis, Timothy Tuttle, Edward Amberger, and Randy Kirk. The next meeting will be held August 15 at 7 p.m. at the administration office.