Ripley County Triad formed
Attorney general, sheriff, community leaders team up to fight crime

Wanda English Burnett

Working together with the Indiana Attorney General, Greg Zoeller and community leaders, Sheriff Tom Grills said forming the new Ripley County Triad completes one of his goals as sheriff. “This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time,” he noted, as he thanked everyone who came out for the charter signing of the newly formed group last Wednesday, July 27 in the lobby of the courthouse in Versailles.

Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller addressed those gathered, which included law enforcement and community leaders at the charter signing event thanking them for coming together to form a group who will be watching for and reporting fraud - especially those trying to scam senior citizens.

Triad is an association between law enforcement, seniors and community organizations who are focused on protecting the well-being of senior citizens by fostering education and the prevention of consumer fraud while promoting safety issues, according to Zoeller.

“It is unfortunate, and all to often, that senior citizens are the targets of consumer fraud and scams,” noted Zoeller. He told those gathered at the event that those who scam the elderly are among the worst predators and it makes him angry. He continued, “Today Ripley County joins an excellent network of Indiana Triad programs that are working specifically to protect those Hoosiers who are at risk and to whom we owe so much for their contribution to our society.”

The newly formed Ripley County Triad is one of 24 across the state.

Zoeller explained that his office lends support from a distance with the law enforcement and community leaders being on the front lines. Sheriff Grills noted his office gets numerous calls asking about possible scams, many times from seniors. He said he is thankful to help make this group a reality in the county and looks forward to working with anyone who wants to become a part.

“We are pleased to be working with the Attorney General’s office and members of the community on such a valuable asset for our citizens,” said Sheriff Grills. “The Triad will be a great opportunity for law enforcement and community leaders to assist those from becoming victims of crime.”

The charter signing event brought out many office holders, including the Ripley County Prosecutor and staff members who also signed on to become part of the Triad movement. Also signing the pledge to help with the effort were commissioners, council members, Holton Town Marshal Bob Curl, Osgood Deputy Marshal Adam Hunger, many officers from the sheriff’s office, including Major David Pippin and others, who want to stand firm with the sheriff to make a difference.

The initial local group who came together at the sheriff’s request to form the Triad included those from senior services, clergy, the media and law enforcement.

Randy Thieman, chaplain for the sheriff’s office, offered a prayer asking God’s blessing on the group as they move forward to make a difference for others in the community. The logo for the local Triad says, “Building a Community of Trust.”

“We want to promote and work towards a community of trust, and with the Triad we will be able to be a catalyst for just that,” noted Sheriff Grills. He concluded, “With resources from our area as well as the state, the Triad should be a great attribute to our community.”

To find out more about the Triad you can log onto the Attorney General’s website : To become a part of the Ripley County Triad, you can go online: You can also call the sheriff’s office at 689-5558 for more information.

Pictured above, Sheriff Tom Grills, left, signs the official charter of the Ripley County Triad, which was also signed by Attorney General Greg Zoeller, on right, on Wednesday, July 27 in the lobby of the courthouse in Versailles. A large crowd gathered with many community leaders also signing the charter to become part of the Triad which is an association between law enforcement, seniors and community organizations to protect the well-being of senior citizens. Pictured below Holton Town Marshal Bob Curl signs on as Osgood Deputy Marshal Adam Hunger waits his turn, left.