Versailles man and woman face charges in Dearborn County

Wanda English Burnett

A Versailles couple have landed in a lot of hot water after police say they burglarized an apartment in Dearborn County and admitted to attacking and robbing a woman as she put her groceries into her cart at the Kroger store, also in Dearborn County.

Matthew Mark Erne Jr., 25, and Sarah Joe Klue, 26, are both sitting in the Dearborn County Jail and have been charged with Burglary and Theft for the Greendale break-in. They are both charged with Theft in connection with the Kroger incident with Klue being charged with Battery for attacking the victim.

Police say the two only got $5.00 from the purse they stole from the Kroger incident and used it to buy gas. They discarded the purse along a highway in Hebron, Kentucky. Erne and Klue said they stole the purse because of their drug problems.

The couple could face additional charges for criminal activity in Dearborn and Ripley counties.

Matthew Mark Erne Jr., and Sarah Joe Klue
Greendale Police Department Photo