Deputy Prosecutor Ryan King asks for $5M bond, Judge Carl Taul agrees
Ison arraigned on attempted robbery

Kari Moore
Staff Writer

Bond was set for David E. Ison, 46, of Glenwood, Indiana, on Thursday, September 29 when he appeared in the Ripley County Circuit Court for an arraignment hearing for the attempted armed robbery of G.A. Triplett and Son Pharmacy on May 9. Ison is being held at the Ripley County Jail on a $5 million bond.

Ison arrived to the courthouse with heavy security wearing a bullet proof vest. Throughout the hearing, Ison looked down at the floor and closed his eyes alot, appearing not to make eye contact with anyone in the room.

Ryan King, Ripley County chief deputy prosecutor, urged Judge Carl Taul to set what is believed to be the highest bond ever set in Ripley County to $5 million dollars because he felt Ison posed a danger to the community and should be considered a flight risk.

King explained Indiana State Police Detective Tracy Rohlfing had obtained a search warrant for Ison’s house and had discovered incriminating evidence that was consistent with the five murders that took place September 25 in Laurel that Ison could be connected to.

According to King, clothing with blood splatters consistent with being the shooter, a cell phone of one of the victims, and shoes propped up against a fan drying were consistent with prints found at the crime scene that were found at Ison’s residence. Ammunition consistent with the ammunition used in the Laurel murders was also found. A family of four: Angela A. Napier, Roy D. Napier, Jacob L. Napier, Melissa L. Napier and neighbor Henry X. Smith were all found shot to death at their Laurel homes.

More information released during the arraignment explained Ison was taken into custody near Andersonville where he was supposedly on his way to rob the CVS Pharmacy in Batesville. King explained that police say Ison was “in disguise” wearing a wig, glasses, and mustache when he was arrested.

In the vehicle that Ison was driving, police officers discovered a .380-caliber hand gun consistent with the murder weapon and an assault rifle.

Ison’s court appointed attorney John Watson claimed, “A $5 million bond is an extraordinary bail for this court.”

According to information given in court, Ison has had 26 felony convictions for crimes committed in Southeastern Indiana since 1990.

Judge Taul set bail at $5 million, which means Ison could be released if he posts 10 percent, or $500,000. Taul agreed with King that Ison presents a danger to the community and because of the possible time he is facing he also poses a flight risk.

Bond was set high due to Ison’s past criminal history and his connection to the Laurel murders; however the arraignment last week was for the alleged attempted armed robbery of the G. A. Triplett and Son Pharmacy in May. Ison’s trial date is set for March 27, 2012. He has entered a preliminary plea of “not guilty” for the attempted armed robbery.

It is not clear when charges for the Laurel murders will be formally filed against Ison. That will be in Franklin County court.

Pictured above Ripley County Sheriff Tom Grills, left, leads David Ison out of the Ripley County Courthouse after he is arraigned in Ripley County Circuit Court on Thursday, September 29 for the attempted robbery of Triplett's Pharmacy in Osgood on May 9 of this year.