Second arrrest made in attempted robbery at Triplett's

Wanda English Burnett

Amanda A. Napier, 34 of Glenwood, has been arrested in connection with the attempted robbery at G.A. Triplett and Son Pharmacy at Osgood on May 9.

On Friday, September 30 around 5:15 p.m. detectives from the Indiana State Police Post at Versailles took Napier into custody after a warrant was issued for her arrest out of the Ripley County Circuit Court that same day. The warrant was the result of a five month investigation into the attempted robbery at the Osgood pharmacy.

In the attempted robbery that occurred on May 9 David E. Ison, 46, of Glenwood, allegedly attempted to rob the pharmacy and displayed a handgun. The pharmacist and Ison got into a scuffle and Ison fled the scene.

However, he left some vital evidence behind - his DNA. This was collected by crime scene technicians from the Indiana State Police Post at Versailles. The DNA has been analyzed by the Indiana State Police Laboratory and a positive identification of Ison was made.

Police say during the investigation concerning the attempted robbery, it was determined that Amanda A. Napier, was with Ison during the crime. They say she allegedly aided Ison during the attempt to rob the pharmacy.

Napier has been charged with Conspiracy to Commit Robbery, a C Felony, and was incarcerated in the Decatur County Jail. She is waiting her first court appearance in Ripley County which officials say should be some time next week.

The relationship between Napier and Ison is not known according to police. They are also not saying if Napier is related to the Napier family that was murdered in Laurel on September 25.

Amanda Napier