Sunman celebrates completion of Eastern Ave. project

Pictured above the official ribbon cutting ceremony was held Sunday, November 13 at noon on the actual street to celebrate the completion of a 20-year project in Sunman, Eastern Avenue. Pictured from left are: Shirley Campbell, standing in for her husband, John Campbell, who is a town board member and unable to attend the event due to health reasons, Anita Fledderman, Sunman Chamber of Commerce president; Mike Wolff, council member; Wayne Jenner, council member; Kris Schneider, clerk-treasurer; John Waechter, vice-president of Milestone; Randy Hancock, HWC engineering, and Julie Brock, chamber member. "This is 20 years in the making, it's a pleasure to do this today," noted Jenner. Schneider thanked everyone who attended the memorable occasion and those involved with the project, which included: HWC engineers, Milestone personnel, Miller Pipeline, all the citizens of Sunman for their patience, and Sunman employees for their work. Pictured below, Sunman Town Board president Wayne Jenner, gets a piece of the ribbon from Kris Schneider.