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November 17, 2011

Gary Franklin Photo
Pictured above from left, denied the opportunity to compete in their 2011 regional football game against the Linton-Stockton Miners are Milan Indians:(54) senior OL/DL Ron Collinge, (99) senior RB/LB Jon Martin, (12) senior quarterback Zack Lewis, (31) senior RB/LB Austin Flaspohler and (60) junior OL/DL David Arkenberg.

Game thirteen becomes end of trail for tribe football in 2011

Gary Franklin, Sports Writer

An otherwise superb football season for the 2011 Milan Indian football team concluded in regional action against the Linton-Stockton Miners on Saturday night, November 12.
The Indians earned a perfect 5-0 conference championship title and played to an 11-1 overall record which included the sectional championship, before their season came to a grinding halt.
A nearly three hour journey from Milan to regional action did not deter the Milan supporters. They followed the tribe in massive numbers including two fan buses full of students and adults. With fans filling the sidelines and grandstands, it was a proof positive testimonial of how they backed their team.
Going into regional action, the Indians knew they were facing a greater challenge than they had all season, with three main players sidelined with season ending injuries from their sectional championship earning game over the North Decatur Chargers just one week earlier.
However, that did not deter aspirations or support. It was game on and into battle they went.
The Regional Game
As the game progressed, the Miners put their first TD and PAT on the scoreboard at 3:41. A second Miner TD and PAT was added near the end of period with just 32 seconds remaining on the game clock.
With the tribe still held scoreless, a third TD and PAT was scored by the Miners with just one second left before the halftime break. It was a devastating blow for the tribe heading to the locker room, now trailing by 21-0.
Looking a little grim for the Indians would possibly be putting it lightly in normal conditions. However the tribe had fallen to large deficits in the past and worked their magic to pull off the victory, but that was in games where they were working with a full linet of starters. Not an option here!
With no scoing added by either team in the third period, hope remained in check but was quickly fading for the Milan faithful.
The Miners added a final TD and PAT with 1:25 showing on the fourth period play clock, assuming a 28-0 lead and what would be their eventual final winning score.
Disheartened the Indians met at the end of the field, as they do after every game, win or lose, where their coaches speak to the team. The meeting was a hard one with so many seniors having played their last game as active members of the Milan Indian football team.
It has been extremely fun to follow and support surpassed by no other, the Milan football team should hold their heads high and be remembered as one of Milans finest.
"The Milan Indians and staff are greatly appreciative of all the heartfelt support rendered to them over their 2011 season," stated MHS AD John Prifogle. "It has been a great season and we have much to be thankful for."
Milan game stats vs
Linton-Stockton Miners
Time of Possession
Milan 28:01 - 19:59 L-S
Milan 3/20-2/20 L-S
Milan 3/1 - 2/1 L-S
Passing Yards
Milan 77 - 114 L-S
Rushing Yards
Milan 79 - 172 L-S
First Downs
Milan 9 - 12 L-S
Individual Indian stats
#23 Strunk, Cory 24 A / 65 Y
#10 Pennington, Scott
6 A/ 8Y
#14 Detraz, Gavin
6 A/ 1Y
#14 Detraz, Gavin
10C/ 18 A/ 77Y & 1 Int.
#15 Mays, Willie
4 Rec/49 Y
#25 Kimla,Kurtis
2 Rec/29 Y
#23 Strunk, Cory
2 Rec/-4 Y
#19 Spurlock, Jon
1 Rec/2 Y
#10 Pennington, Scott
1 Rec/2 Y
#14 Detraz, Gavin 2-1F/ FL
#14 Detraz, Gavin 2-1 FL
#10 Pennington, Scott
1/ 60 Y
Kickoff Returns
#10 Pennington, Scott
2 A / 7Y
#10 Pennington, Scott
Punt Returns
#23 Strunk, Cory 1/ 0 Y
Defense Interceptions
#33 Sam Thompson 1TFL