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December 1, 2011

Jac-Cen-Del Lady Eagle JV victory,
deters Batesville Bulldog weekend five game sweep

Gary Franklin, Sports Writer

A weekend of Jac-Cen-Del Eagle vs Batesville Bulldog basketball followed the Thanksgiving holiday. On Friday night, November 25, the high school girls' games were contested at JCDHS, followed by a Saturday afternoon freshman boys' game and the nightcap of HS boys' action contested at BHS.
Friday night @ JCDHS
One of the biggest highlights of the Friday night JCD vs Batesville girls HS basketball game at JCDHS, was the pre-varsity game singing of "The National Anthem" by JCD junior, Brytton Rogers. Many remarked even at Saturday's games that it was possibly the best they had ever heard. Most honorable!
Lady Eagle JV Game
JCD Lady Eagle JV Coach Matt McNew's team was the only one left standing against the Bulldogs when the battles were over, scrapping to record a three point, 30-27 victory.
JV Girls Quarter scores
Jac-Cen-Del 2 9 22 30
Batesville 8 18 24 27
JV Girls Individual scores
Jac-Cen-Del 30
So. Brooklyn Ronsheim 14
So. Brianna Volz 7
So. Jenna Hughes 3
Fr. Erin Gloyd 2
Jr. Crista Roberts 2
Fr. Jacqlyn Menchoffer 2
So. Ciara Moore 0
Fr. Kelsey Bowling 0
Fr. Tiffany Burton 0
Batesville 27
So. Emily Bryan 6
So. Meg Liter 5
So. Alyssa Dudley 4
So. AJ Connelly 4
So. Rebecca Roell 4
Fr. Kelli Hartman 4
Fr. Megan Doll 0
Fr. Erin Longstreth 0
Fr. Jessica Meer 0
So. Kelsey Forbeck 0
Fr. Hayley Huntington 0
Fr. Katie Thomas 0
Fr. Tara Prickel 0
Fr. Kelsey Gausman 0
Fr. Amanda Phillips 0
Girls HS Varsity Game
The Lady Eagle varsity found their effort to be dismal at best, following their 23 point loss to the Lady Bulldogs, 24-47.
Lady Eagle Varsity Game
The JCD Lady Eagle varsity squad, behind Coach Scott Smith, fell short of the mark in their team efforts against the visiting Lady Bulldogs by a final score of 24-47 Batesville.
Lady Eagle senior Kelsey Pilz scored the first points of the game, quickly tied at two by Lady Bulldog sophomore Madi Oesterling. The Lady Bulldogs doubled JCD's score by the end of period one, 14-7, and never relented for the remainder of the game.
Varsity Girls Quarter scores
Batesville 14 28 40 47
Jac-Cen-Del 7 9 16 24
Varsity Girls Individual scores
Batesville 47
Sr. Erin Lanning 11
So. Madi Oesterling 11
Fr. Brooke Bradford 10
So. Brooke Rohlfing 7
So. Bailey Baumer 3
So. Chelsey Paul 3
So. Alyssa Dudley 2
Sr. Maddie Lambert 0
So. Emily Bryan 0
So. AJ Connelly 0
Jac-Cen-Del 30
So. Sydney Keene 7
Sr. Emily Huntington 6
So. Brooklyn Ronsheim 6
Sr. Morgan Young 3
Sr. Amber Crank 3
Sr. Meagan Hughes 2
Sr. Kelsey Pilz 2
Sr. Megan Obermeyer 1
Sr. Kara Wagner 0
Jr. Brianna Volz 0
Jr. Crista Roberts 0
Saturday @ BHS
Boys HS Freshman Game
JCD Eagle Freshman Coach Derek Jones' team found their going against the Bulldog lot to be a tough assignment in Saturday afternoon action, falling 35 -43.
The Eagle freshman boys team claimed a win in their battle against coach Kyle Jolly's South Ripley Raider freshman team on November 28, by a final score of 27-22.
Saturday night @ BHS
Boys HS JV Game
The JCD Eagle boys reserve team opened action at BHS on Saturday night following the 6 p.m. center court tip, but quickly found their efforts losing ground to the Bulldogs. The final score was Batesville 43-21 over JCD.
JV Boys Quarter scores
Batesville 7 18 25 43
Jac-Cen-Del 2 12 16 21
JV Boys Individual scores
Batesville 43
So. Wesley McKinney 12
So. Kassidy Kase 9
Jr. Ben Summers 6
So. Cody Reer 6
So. Connor Dickey 4
Jr. Mitchell Taylor 4
So. Dustin Nobbe 2
So. Austin Westerfeld 0
So. Bo Gowan 0
So. Matt Dennis 0
Jac-Cen-Del 21
So. Adam Siebert 7
So. Trey Brown 4
So. Austin Wagner 3
Jr. Chad Anderson 3
So. Alex Schoettmer 2
So. Tommy Tunny 2
So. Cord Comer 0
So. Austin Harmeyer 0
Jr. Brytton Rogers 0
So. Dakota Ebbing 0
So. Derek Powers 0
So. Blake McConnell 0
So. Jared Dickman 0
Boys HS Varsity Game
The Eagle varsity boys found their efforts fruitless against the 2012 "Land of the Giants" Bulldogs. Battling against a team that has only one player under the 6' mark, and the rest ranging from 6' 2" to 6' 8", the Eagles were quite simply out sized.
Quarter One
Eagles' efforts kept them in the game, capturing their first lead at 6-4, then 8-7 before trailing at the close of quarter one 12-18.
Quarter Two
Second period action resulted in a senior Jayson Purdy basket at the get go, with sophomore teammate Adam Siebert connecting on a turn around jump shot shortly thereafter to pull the Eagles to within four at 16-20.
As the second quarter progressed so did the Eagle deficit, as the teams headed to the locker rooms for the halftime break with BHS up by 23 points at 41-18 JCD.
Quarter Three
Highlights for the Eagles were few and far between in second half action. Senior Purdy's steal and lay up cut the Bulldog advantage to 15 at one juncture, but periods end found the Bulldogs leading by 25. A 3-point buzzer beater launched by Eagle senior Andrew Snyder ended third period scoring, BHS 53-31 JCD.
Quarter Four
Final scoring of the contest was accomplished by senior Eagle Codey Martin's delivery of two FT's and junior teammate Cord Comer's steal and break away lay up.
Both counted but were merely too little too late for the Eagles who fell by the final score of 44-66 to the Bulldogs.
Varsity Boys Quarter scores
Batesville 18 41 53 66
Jac-Cen-Del 12 18 31 44
Varsity Boys Individual scores
Batesville 66
Fr. Bryan Hoeing 6' 5" 20
Jr. Tori Jackson 6' 8" 12
Sr. Jordan Walsman 6' 6" 8
Sr. Connor Jeffries 5' 11" 7
Sr. Brady Cavinee 6' 3" 6
Jr. Quinn Grimsley 6' 3" 5
Jr. Mike Hoeing 6' 4" 4
Sr. Tyler Leising 6' 4" 2
Sr. Cody Cole 6' 4" 0
Sr. Travis Enzinger 6' 2" 0
Jac-Cen-Del 44
Sr. Jayson Purdy 5' 9" 10
Sr. Codey Martin 6' 6" 9
Sr. Andrew Snyder 6' 2" 7
So. Cord Comer 6' 1" 6
So. Adam Siebert 6' 2" 6
Sr. Dustin Wagner 6' 1" 4
Jr. Trent Smith 6' 0" 2
Sr. AJ Ertel 6' 1" 0
So. Trey Brown 6' 0" 0
Jr. Chad Anderson 6' 2" 0
So. Austin Harmeyer 5' 8" 0